Feb 18, 2021
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Former PACE Vice President stood up for Sputnik V vaccine

Czech politician and former PACE vice-president Anna Churdova, in an interview with Parlamentní Listy, criticized the policy of some areas of the EU in the relationship of the Russian drug “Hitcher V”.

Former PACE Vice President stands up for Sputnik V vaccine

Anna Churdova recalled that the effectiveness of the vaccine exceeds 91%, and the results of studies, including international ones, indicate its safety.

The journalist asked if she could be vaccinated with the Russian drug, to which he received a positive response. The politician also noted that the disagreement of some areas of Europe from the Russian vaccine primarily harms their citizens.

“Is it more important to die with the United States than to live with the Russian Federation? Seriously? The priority should be human life, and in the distance behind – earnings,” Churdova said.

The Czech authorities are considering the possibility of purchasing the Russian vaccine “Hitcher V”. In particular, Prime Minister Andrei Babis visited Hungary and Serbia, since these areas already have experience in using this drug. At the same time, Babiš once again stressed that “Fellow traveler V” can be used in the Czech Republic only after it is approved by the European Medicinal Weapons Agency (EMA).

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