Mar 31, 2021
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Former lover Olga Buzovoy Denis Lebedev married for the second time

11:21, 03/31/2021

The 36-year-old cheese maker admitted that he is officially not free.

The winner of the show “Marry Buzov” Denis Lebedev said that he married his girlfriend Ekaterina Panova… A video from a jewelry salon, where lovers chose wedding rings, he posted on his microblog on Instagram. Lebedev noted that the ceremony was visiting.

“Friends. A woman walks from promiscuity, and a man from sadness! This does not apply to me and @notariuspanova, we are happy on our own and endlessly. Together, thanks to @epl_diamondmega for the # L22 # we are happy with visiting ceremony “- wrote Denis (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are unchanged. – Prim. line.). It is not known whether the couple will throw a lavish wedding celebration.

Denis Lebedev showed how he and his beloved choose wedding rings

Recall that Denis Lebedev took part in the project “Marry Buzova”, in which he fought for the heart of TV presenter Olga Buzova. He almost immediately became the favorite of the star of “House-2”, a romance began between them, but soon after the finale of the show Olga announced that Denis had turned out to be a deceiver and took advantage of her. She broke off the relationship, although Lebedev denied all charges. For a long time he tried to regain the location of Buzova, but she was adamant.

As a result, Lebedev found a new love and at first carefully concealed his affair with Panova. Now the lovers publish joint pictures, and Denis openly says that he has found happiness in his personal life. Catherine is not embarrassed by his turbulent past. By the way, Lebedev’s chosen one works as a notary.

Denis Lebedev and Ekaterina Panova

We add that this is not the first marriage for Lebedev. The businessman has already had a divorce behind him. It is also known that Denis has a son from a previous relationship with whom he keeps in touch. The entrepreneur often sees the boy and helps him financially. But there is no information about Catherine’s personal life.

It is worth noting that Olga Buzova herself has been in the spotlight of the secular press for several months because of her personal life. So, in mid-January of this year, the star parted with David Manukyan… The breakup of the couple cannot be called quiet and calm, because Olga in her microblog on Instagram published unpleasant details about her former lover. David himself decided not to wash dirty linen in public. Only in one of his few interviews did Manukyan say that he considers the relationship with Olga a past stage.

David Manukyan and Olga Buzova

Due to severe stress after parting with her beloved, Buzova began to complain of insomnia and loss of appetite. The artist even went to the wellness center to restore both physical and mental well-being. However, at the moment, Olga, apparently, has begun to come to her senses. So, the singer statedthat is now in a new relationship.

Olga and David met for about a year and a half. Their romance began on the set – Buzova invited Manukyan to participate in her video. Some were happy for the young people and wished them great love, but others suspected that the romance of the stars was a production produced for the sake of PR. Therefore, when the break occurred, many decided that the contract was over. In addition, both Buzova and Manukyan almost immediately after parting tracks came outsinging unhappy love and broken hearts.

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