Oct 12, 2020
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Former lawyer Mikhail Efremov filed a lawsuit against journalists to protect honor, dignity and business reputation

16:12, 12.10.2020

Elman Pashayev demands the removal of news material that denigrates his name.

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On September 8, the Presnensky District Court of Moscow announced the verdict to 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov. In early June, the artist caused an accident in the center of Moscow, as a result of which the 57-year-old courier from Ryazan, Sergei Zakharov, died. By a court decision, Mikhail Olegovich was sentenced to eight years in prison in a general regime penal colony, and also ordered to pay 800 thousand rubles to the eldest son of the deceased driver as moral compensation.

Mikhail Efremov was defended in court by Elman Pashayev, whose name has made headlines over the past few months as often as his client. The human rights activist has made sensational statements more than once. Among other things, he argued that Mikhail Olegovich was ready to issue custody of Zakharov's minor relatives. However, both in this case and in other similar situations, Pashayev accused the media of misunderstanding his words.

Frame from the accident scene

It is noteworthy that soon after arriving at the pre-trial detention center, Mikhail Efremov refused the services of his lawyer. Other human rights activists have already appealed the artist's verdict, although Pashayev also sent an appeal to the Presnensky District Court. It is worth noting that Mikhail Olegovich speaks of his ex-lawyer in an extremely negative way. The actor blames Pashayev for such a harsh sentence. According to Efremov, Elman put pressure on him throughout the entire trial. However, the lawyer himself gives journalists reasons to write about themselves.

Elman Pashayev filed a lawsuit against TASS. This became known today. According to the source, the ex-representative of Efremov accused the agency of disseminating false information. The fact is that last month the media published the news that the artist's family sued his ex-lawyer for fraud. Pashayev did not remain silent and decided to give an answer to journalists.

Elman Pashaev

“Two weeks ago I filed a lawsuit against TASS. A claim for the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. They wrote that the Efremov family allegedly sued me for fraud. The judge will answer where they got the information about Efremov's family, ”Elman Pashayev said on the air of the“ 360 ”channel. So far, the lawyer is demanding that the agency refute the news without material compensation.

Recall that already on October 20, the Moscow City Court will consider a complaint against the verdict to Mikhail Efremov. Let us remind you that Mikhail Olegovich, who is in remand prison No. 5 "Vodnik", completely repented of the death of Sergei Zakharov and apologized to his family. As for the rest of the appeals, the new representatives of Mikhail Olegovich asked the court to sentence him to 4 years probation, the second demanded to cancel the sentence, and the third to change the sentence due to the lack of the right to defense due to the deprivation of the lawyer status of Elman Pashayev.

Mikhail Efremov awaits revision of his sentence in pre-trial detention center

Note that according to the latest reports, Mikhail Efremov does not complain about anything in the pre-trial detention center. Moreover, the artist became interested in ping-pong, although at first he was not going to use the local gym. The only thing that caused inconvenience to Mikhail Olegovich in the pre-trial detention center was the lack of a paid sports TV channel.

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