Dec 31, 2020
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Former husband of Polina Gagarina Dmitry Iskhakov explained why he forbade her to take their daughter out of the country

Former husband of Polina Gagarina Dmitry Iskhakov explained why he forbade her to take their daughter out of the country

Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov

It became known this morning that 42-year-old Dmitry Iskhakov, the ex-husband of 33-year-old Polina Gagarina (the couple recently officially filed for divorce), through the FMS forbade her to take their common daughter, three-year-old Mia, abroad. Well, now the photographer has commented on his decision on his instagram.

In the interests of my child, I was forced to apply for a ban on leaving the Russian Federation in accordance with my rights and the law. Firstly, no one informed me that my child was flying somewhere. I learned about this from third parties (you must admit, this in itself is wild. No one consulted with me and did not discuss anything).

I sent an official request, in which I asked to clarify, accompanied by whom, in what composition, to which country, by what type of transport and for what period of time our daughter is leaving. I received no answer. Miya does not like and does not tolerate long flights very well, and all family members know this very well. The current situation with the pandemic is also completely not in favor of distant trips (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – Ed.), – Iskhakov noted, specifying that his comment is rather an exception and he does not consider it appropriate to discuss the topic of divorce in the future.

Dmitry IskhakovDmitry Iskhakov

According to some reports, Gagarina was going with Mia to go on New Year’s holidays to Zanzibar (Tanzania is currently one of the few destinations where you can legally go from Russia). However, Iskhakov is also very worried about who his ex-wife and his daughter will go on this journey with.

Secondly, and this is very important, there are different rumors, I am afraid that a person whose status is completely unclear to me is going to accompany them on the trip. I will repeat it again. I was forced to write this statement in the interests of the child,

– Dmitry continued to explain his position.

Polina GagarinaPolina Gagarina

At the end, Iskhakov asked his subscribers if they would let their child go in a similar situation with “a completely stranger.” The opinions of netizens are divided.

Of course, I would! The child flies with his mother, not with someone. Mom will never wish bad for her child. This way you can ruin the relationship with both Polina and her daughter!

Polina has the right to make decisions herself with whom to fly. Why do you, Dmitry, believe the rumors? Even if someone else is flying with them, it means that Polina knows this person well,

– answered Iskhakov.

Polina Gagarina with her daughter MiaPolina Gagarina with her daughter Mia

The father has the same rights as the mother, he must also know where and with whom his child is flying. @Isxakov’s position is clear and legitimate,

– other commentators objected.

I’m only sorry for the child in this situation,

– some sympathized.

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