Oct 27, 2021
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Former husband of Polina Gagarina can sue her millions


The lawyer commented on the litigation of the singer Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov.

The couple divorced at the end of last year. Then the ex-spouses claimed that they managed to leave peacefully and for the sake of their common daughter they would maintain a good relationship. But life, as always, has shown that not everything is as simple as in the official announcement of the divorce.

Not so long ago, Dmitry said that in his worst nightmare he could not imagine that he should beg for meetings with his own daughter. Gagarina was silent at first, and then she commented on this statement. She sincerely does not understand what the essence of the problem is and what her ex-husband wants from her, since he sees his daughter every day.

But, apparently, there is still some problem, since Iskhakov filed a lawsuit to determine the order of meetings with 4-year-old Mia. In an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, Dmitry said that he did not like that his daughter was traveling with her mother and some stranger … The first meeting on this issue was scheduled for November 3, that is, it would take place in a week. It was reported that Gagarina hired a lawyer who worked on the divorce proceedings with her friend and colleague of the singer Pelageya.

Polina Gagarina with her ex-husband
Polina Gagarina with her ex-husband

An outside expert – lawyer Sergei Skhodnev – claims that if Gagarina does not make concessions, then Iskhakov can agree to the principle and file for the division of property. As you know, both former spouses have such a legal right for three years after the official divorce. And a lot of jointly acquired property was acquired over the six years of marriage. The public is aware of the country house in which the family lived, two apartments in the center of Moscow and one more suburban real estate – a plot and a house in which Gagarina is now doing expensive repairs.

The ex-husband, according to the law, has the right to claim both the new cottage under construction, and the apartments purchased in marriage, and even demand compensation for the investment in the repair of the old house, in which Gagarina now lives with her children and mother. Even the amounts on the singer’s accounts, which were available at the time of the divorce, have the right to demand in court that they be divided in half as jointly acquired. Iskhakov, if he wishes, can spoil the joy of the housewarming of the former by demanding that the new building be seized within the framework of the court for the division of property. He has the ability to strike a blow at her finances (reduce, or even halve her assets). Gagarina will have to prove with documents (bank transfers) that it was she who spent on the purchase and repair of real estate. I heard that Gagarina’s mother allegedly collected, put off her daughter’s fees, and these fees went to buy an apartment. But the court will simply not accept the word, it will be necessary to confirm this with financial documents. And, as far as I know, for corporate events, stars are often rewarded in an envelope, which the court will not take into account …“, – said the lawyer” KP “.

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