Jan 3, 2022
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Former husband of Ksenia Borodina demands to repay the debt from her new lover


The ex-husband of the leading Ksenia Borodina, Kurban Omarov is jealous of her friend.

The businessman is angry at the situation that his ex-wife had an affair with a man from his environment. Omarov makes tough jokes about his former friend.

For several weeks now, the media have been full of headlines that 38-year-old Borodina is dating 34-year-old Trofim Simishchenko, a longtime friend of her ex-husband Kurban Omarov. Previously, the couple managed to carefully hide the relationship: Ksenia published only those photos with a soul mate, in which the face of the chosen one is not visible.

But after a while, it became more difficult for the lovers to hide, and the fans began to follow them more closely. As a result, the TV personality noticed the boyfriend at a party in honor of the birthday of her youngest daughter Teona, and the man also appeared in the photo from the New Year’s celebration, which took place in Borodina’s house. Later it turned out that Trofim was none other than Omarov’s friend.

Ksenia Borodina
Ksenia Borodina

The latest news could not pass by the ex-wife of the star. Kurban was greatly hurt that it was the person from his entourage who became the ex’s boyfriend. The businessman began to troll Simishchenko harshly – in his personal blog he published a sketch with a boy who eats meat and gives bones to a dog. He compared the plot of the video to his own life. “This is Trofim“, – he wrote, leaving a signature above the dog.

But behind the playful stories, it is clear that Kurban is aimed at crushing his opponent not only morally. As it turned out, Simishchenko owes him a tidy sum, which the businessman demands to be returned as soon as possible. “Trofimushka, when you return from the Maldives, start slowly repaying the debt that you took for a month three years ago!“, – he turned to a former friend.

But it got not only the chosen one of the former wife, but also herself. 41-year-old Omarov said that while still married, he suspected Borodin of treason, but then did not understand the situation. He started talking about some kind of compromising material that he has on the TV show. He threatens to merge him on the Network if, against the backdrop of a scandal, she forbids him to see his daughter Theona.

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