Dec 30, 2020
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Former girlfriend Timati Shishkova underwent serious surgery

Ex-lover of rapper Timati Alena Shishkova suffers from health problems. The model even had to undergo complex operations.

Shishkova’s condition was told in an interview by her close friend Masha Trotsko. It turns out that Timati’s former passion has problems with her teeth, so the model decided to lengthen them. Shishkova is going to do this for a reason, but for medical reasons.

“She had serious operations, they put the pin,” Trotsko said.

According to Shishkova’s friend, for the model, all these are personal things, so she prefers to go through her difficult path, not putting it on public display. At the same time, ex-beloved Timati does not complain about her condition. According to Trotsko, if Shishkova spoke more about herself, people would understand that she is an honest and kind person who does not strive for popularity, they write to

Alena Shishkova has a daughter from Timati, whose name is Alice. Recently, the model showed a video with a child, and the girl surprised fans with her similarity to her mother.

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