Jan 23, 2021
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Former Chief of Staff of the Strategic Missile Forces assessed the US decision to extend the START Treaty for five years

The willingness of the US authorities to extend the START III Treaty until 2026 is the first positive development in the field of arms control in recent years. This opinion was expressed in an interview with AiF by the chief of the Strategic Missile Forces General Staff in 1994-1996, Viktor Yesin.

Formerly White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki stated that the United States intends to offer the Russian Federation to extend this agreement for another five years.

Yesin recalled that this agreement provides for the reduction of deployed carriers with nuclear warheads to 700 units for each side. According to him, the Russian Federation and the United States reached such indicators by February 2018.

“Strictly speaking, today both we and the Americans have deployed warheads and carriers even less than the top bar,” the expert explained.

However, Russian specialists, in particular, had complaints about the technology for re-equipping launchers on American strategic missile carriers of the Ohio type. Another problem is associated with the conversion of some of the American B-52H aircraft from carriers of nuclear weapons into conventional bombers.

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