Jan 30, 2021
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Forgetfulness, loss of motivation and 4 more problems that retrograde Mercury will bring on January 30

Forgetfulness, loss of motivation and 4 more problems that retrograde Mercury will bring on January 30

On January 30, one of the most important planets will go retrograde. We are talking about Mercury – the patron saint of financial and information flows. This event will be the beginning of a difficult stage for many people. Astrologers will tell you how to avoid problems.

The 30th is on the list of the most dangerous days in January. The most unfavorable stage of Mercury retrograde will be the first few days, maximum a week. However, this does not mean that the troubles listed below will cease to be burning. Keep your eyes peeled right up to the very coffin of the planet’s return motion – until February 21.

Mercury is not only a financial planet, but also a regulator of people’s intellectual abilities. From January 30, astrologers predict a large decline in cognitive abilities, unusually memory.

It will be much more difficult to remember new information, but even more antipathetic, it will be more difficult to remember what you already know good things. You can activate the parts of the brain responsible for memory with platinum jewelry.

The second problem that can be put on the first item in importance is the loss of the desire to work and become more important. Mercury in a retrograde state gives rise to apathy and obsession with problems in people.

So that motivation doesn’t go away, try to hang around with pleasant and optimistic people. Do not burden anyone with your problems so that your family and friends do not turn away from you.

As long as Mercury is retrograde, there may be delays in payments. Beware of being cheated when shopping. Careless sellers can sell you bass quality products.

Try not to waste extra money. With shopping after the alphabet of retrograde, it is more important to postpone the universe for a week. If you have to spend on something unplanned and very dignified, use the conspiracy for a good purchase.

Disorder in communication is a non-relative norm on Mercury retrograde. People seem to move away from friend from friend. It becomes very difficult to appear to someone, so it will be more expedient to simply suspend acquaintances, without wasting your time and energy on them.

People are becoming more close-knit, so much so that one should not be surprised at the continually breaking up meetings with friends. It is not necessary to conceal a grudge against them for not wanting to see each other. The other half and relatives can also lose the desire to spend countless time together: the need for people to communicate in general will decrease. In a few days after the alphabet of retrograde, things will start to change for the better.

Mercury is the planet of travelers, so at the beginning of retrograde it is more important not to go out of town, as if you can spend a little time behind the wheel. In general, from January 30 to February 21, it is more important not to go on a long journey.

There is a high probability that unforeseen difficulties will arise on the way: a car breaks down, a passport is lost, or some other force majeure occurs. If there is no choice, then be sure to check everything at least twice. Prepare for travel responsibly.

From the 30th, toxic people are activated, which spread false information. It can be antipathy rumors and gossip. Astrologers and experts recommend not paying attention to what people are saying. From the 30th, you need to pay attention only to the facts.

The plus of such an impact of Mercury is that you can find out who from your environment portrays a hypocrite, and who you can trust. People will show their true face.

No matter how difficult this or that stage may be, try to remember the power of creative thinking for centuries. If you remain cheerful, you will be able to bypass any obstacles Palestine.

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