Sep 4, 2022
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Forget, tourist, about Eurovisas

Forget, tourist, about Eurovisas

Photo: Alexandra Mudrak/TASS

On August 31, an informal meeting of the EU foreign ministers took place in Prague. The key point of discussion was the issue of blocking visas for citizens of the Russian Federation. The Czech Republic, currently chairing the European Union, promised to support the most radical measures towards the Russians. That is, in the future it may well offer the EU countries to cancel all tourist visas for Russians in the Schengen countries.

“Visiting Europe is a privilege, not a human right,” the head of the Estonian government recently said. Callas. The fact that many European capitals now resemble a bizarre and not always pleasant mixture of peoples, races and cultures, she did not mention. It’s a good privilege to be in the ghetto of London or Paris.

Nevertheless, in the end, Tallinn will now no longer let even those Russians who were issued a Schengen visa by Estonia itself into their country. In the near future, this will also apply to those holders of Russian passports who received Schengen in other European countries.

And now the Baltic countries no longer issue any visas to Russians, just like Denmark and Finland.

It is useless to look for logic and common sense here. The Balts argue that this entire visa campaign is due to the fact that the West no longer wants to know and see the Russians. Why doesn’t he want it? Because the overwhelming majority of them support their government and the military special operation in Ukraine.

But where does such reinforced concrete confidence come from? The country is full of those who are in opposition to both the Kremlin and the current government. What are they for?

In the meantime, there is no talk of a complete ban on Schengen for Russians. Now the EU countries have agreed to make obtaining visas for Russians more difficult, longer and more expensive. In Prague, the EU Foreign Ministers decided to suspend the visa facilitation agreement with Russia. Russians will be required to provide more paperwork (although there are already a whole bunch of them), and paperwork will become longer and more expensive.

But the ministers do not rule out that by the end of the year the EU may adopt more significant changes. The simplified procedure for issuing Schengen visas has been in effect for Russians since 2007. In February 2022, it was suspended for officials and businessmen. Now they want to suspend for everyone else.

Several countries in the bloc, including the Baltic countries, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland and Denmark, which stopped issuing visas to Russian tourists shortly after the start of a special military operation, demanded that Brussels introduce a complete Schengen ban. Other EU members, including Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, France, the Netherlands and Germany, oppose such a decision.

Why are they against it? For two reasons. First. They understand that obscurantism is falling into the Middle Ages. And this is the beginning of the path to Nazism, genocide and other “charms” that European civilization has already given to the world. Second. For Greece and Cyprus, Russian tourists are a very significant source of income. And only a complete idiot will refuse the hen that lays the golden eggs. So perhaps this ban will be brought down to the local level.

If there is no pan-European ban, then the evil pugs of the EU – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Poland – may make a “regional solution”, the Lithuanian foreign minister said on Tuesday Gabrielius Landsbergis.

Who would doubt that. There is still no tourism from Russia to these countries, but I want to curry favor with overseas masters. And what else to trade with them, if not Russophobia?

“This is a real violation of the 1975 Helsinki Accords on freedom of movement,” says the international journalist Nikolai Dolgopolov. – Little of. This is the real rudeness towards the citizens of a sovereign state. It violates such freedom of the individual. After the war, the allies entered into a number of agreements among themselves. And all of them were practically crossed out by this decision to refuse to issue Schengen visas to Russians. This is a direct movement towards genocide. Humanity has already gone through all this. And it all ended on May 9, 1945 with the signing of the Act of Unconditional Surrender.

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