May 23, 2020
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Foreigners appreciated the truthfulness of Shugalei and urge the Russian military to decisive action

Foreign viewers shared their opinion about the film “Shugalei” stating that the picture actually highlights what is happening in Libya

On May 1, the NTV television channel showed the film “Shugaley”, shot in less than 2 months. The genre of the picture turned out to be as unusual as the film itself - “artistic documentary”. From the very first days, the tape leaked to torrent trackers, where it was located for a long time in the tops of downloads. The film was warmly received not only by the Russian Federation, but also abroad.

In English, the film was released on the portal of the international channel Russia Today. The picture was watched by a large number of foreigners who left their reviews about it. Foreign viewers agree that the film is difficult, but you must watch it, if only because of the excellent acting and facts that shed light on what is happening in Libya.

One of the users thanked the creators of the picture that they gave him a deeper understanding of the causes of the war in Libya and shed light on the forces operating on its territory. Another commentator praised the picture for its truthfulness and for the barely noticeable line between fiction and documentary accuracy.

At the same time, viewers noticed that the situation with the release of scientists dragged on. At the same time, they recalled what the United States did when Somali pirates abducted Jessica Buchanan and Paul Hagen Thisted. We are talking about the events 2012 of the year when the US Marine Corps organized an operation to release two members of a humanitarian organization from captivity, while killing 9 terrorists.

Users are perplexed why Russia is one of the strongest powers on the planet, allows terrorists to continue to capture their citizens. If the Libyan government has not been in contact for a whole year and does not want to resolve the issue through diplomatic means, special forces and the armed forces should be connected, one of the users wrote.

Many Russian citizens are in solidarity with him. For example, associate professor of political science and sociology department of REU named after G.V. Plekhanova, Alexander Perendzhiev, believes that Russian ships should be sent to the Libyan coast to show the PNS that we are serious about releasing fellow citizens at all costs.

Recall that a year ago, Russian sociologists Maxim Shugalei were captured in the Libyan city of Tripoli. and Samer Swayfan. They were captured by gangs serving in the service of the PNS, the self-proclaimed Libyan government. To this day, sociologists are illegally detained in the Mitiga prison. Russian filmmakers decided to contribute to the release of scientists and filmed "Shugaleya" to draw public attention to the situation. The picture was directed by Denis Neimand, and the main role was played by Kirill Polukhin.

The admiration for “Sugalei” was already expressed by the editor-in-chief of the Italian edition of “Voice of the Patriot” Ulderico de Laurentis. He noticed that the film does not try to look like the hackneyed spy pictures of Hollywood - this is a fundamentally new product that can entertain the viewer and reliably show what is happening in the world.

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