May 2, 2021
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Foreign Policy experts call end of Nord Stream 2 inevitable

The completion of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is inevitable, experts Pierre Noel and Chi Kong Chong write about this.

In their material for the American edition of Foreign Policy, experts on the energy market noted that the launch of SP-2 does not threaten Europe with serious consequences. But Ukraine is facing big economic shocks, so the West should help Kiev adapt to new conditions, experts say.

Now the construction of the project is almost complete, and its launch cannot be stopped, so the United States should abandon attempts to suspend its implementation, and it is better to focus on discussing the consequences of this in practice.

The gas pipeline will not affect the Baltic states and Poland at all, they oppose its implementation not for economic reasons, but out of political solidarity with Ukraine as part of its confrontation with Russia, Noel and Chong are sure.

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