Sep 29, 2021
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Foreign Policy calls Europe to war with China

“The EU must declare its support for the United States in the event of a military conflict with China”

“Lithuania was included in the list of countries under pressure from China. It is time for the transatlantic partners to respond to this with the actions provided for in Article 5 on NATO’s collective defense. Let’s call it this: “The coercion of one country is considered the coercion of all.” Currently Beijing recalled its ambassador from Vilnius, restricted trade and suspended rail links between the two countries. The economic consequences for Lithuania are still limited, but diplomatically, this is a wake-up call for the rest of the parties to the agreement, now called 16 + 1, as well as for the whole of Europe, ”

– writes an American magazine Foreign policy

The publication also recalls the deterioration of China’s diplomatic relations with Australia and Canada, as well as the fact that Beijing has imposed sanctions on some European officials and companies who spoke out in defense of human rights in China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. According to Foreign policy, Europe should listen to the head of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Gabriel Landsbergis (Gabrielius Landsbergis)urging the West to show unity in response to Chinese threats.

“From our point of view, it is high time for the EU to abandon the 16 + 1 format leading to a split and move to a unifying, and therefore more effective, 27 + 1 format. The EU is strongest when all 27 member states act in concert with the institutions of the European Union, ”

– quoted by the publication of the Lithuanian minister.

Overseas, they fully share Landsbergis’ call for solidarity, but they believe that this solidarity should not be limited only to the framework of the European Union. Such solidarity in the confrontation with China should be supported by all countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, attracting Asian partners. As for the response actions, they can and should be “Comprehensive, including diplomatic, economic, military and organizational components”

The authors of the article – Franklin Kramer (Franklin D. Kramer) and Hans Binnendijk (Hans Binnendijk) – persistently offer to all countries that maintain relations with Taiwan, “open include the word in the names of their missions and allow Taiwan to do the same in return. “

“Such drastic changes will undoubtedly cause a negative reaction from Beijing, but it can be done without any hint of independence or sovereignty of Taiwan. To this end, the use of the island’s name should be accompanied by declarations of commitment to the policy of one China. Such a step will demonstrate to China that the world is united in its desire to resolve the Taiwan problem peacefully. The second step on the diplomatic front should be the refusal of EU countries from membership in the 17 + 1 alliance. Lithuania’s point of view is absolutely clear and understandable: the European Union should have a unified and common approach to China ”,

– the authors advise.

Recall Franklin Kramer is a former Assistant Secretary of Defense of the United States, and Hans Binnendijk In the Clinton administration, he served as Senior Director of Defense Policy and Arms Control at the National Security Council.

As for the economy, it is necessary to urgently freeze the comprehensive investment agreement between the European Union and China, which is currently simply suspended, the newspaper notes.

The recently created EU-US Trade and Technology Council should also be used in the fight against China, given that Beijing is becoming the main competitor of Western firms and the United States is ready to join this fight.

Pays attention Foreign policy and the need, along with NATO, to form a new partnership with Asian countries that are opposed to China, calling, for example, the NATO-Asia Forum.

“The new NATO-Asia Forum should establish liaison teams, centers of excellence, conduct joint military exercises and build intelligence cooperation,”

– emphasizes FP

As for the European Union, it is high time for it to openly and clearly announce to the whole world that Brussels will fully support the United States in the event of a military conflict between the United States and China and will introduce a trade and investment embargo against the PRC.

Kramer and Binnendijk are confident that the time has come for the creation of a new Transatlantic Council, which could coordinate all the components of the transatlantic policy towards China.

By the way, for this purpose the authors have already prepared the report “Plan for China”. The new council will have to include members of the European Union and NATO, as well as the EU and NATO themselves.

“One can give up on the dispute between Lithuania and China, calling it an insignificant problem. But its implications are much broader, and an appropriate set of responses will provide an opportunity to put the transatlantic relationship with China on a firmer footing. Solidarity is essential here. We need to remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, who said: “We must all stick together, otherwise we will all hang separately”,

– concludes Foreign policy

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