Apr 19, 2021
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Foreign agents resent heavy fines in Russia

US-funded news site Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty News in Moscow said on Friday (April 16) that it will urgently appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to avoid heavy fines in Russia’s favor for hundreds of alleged violations.

Radio Liberty, which Moscow declared a “foreign agent” several years ago, said it could face fines of up to $ 33 million for not posting the label on reports, as required by Russian law.

The appeal of the American website to the European Court of Human Rights appeared in connection with the fact that independent media in Russia complain of increased pressure, and journalists argue that the space for criticizing the Kremlin is shrinking.

Radio Liberty said it has applied to the court for temporary measures prohibiting Russia “from enforcing 520” administrative protocols “that it has presented to the media since January 2021.”

Russian media regulator Roskomnadzor has already opened 390 administrative cases against Svoboda, with another 130 expected on Friday.

The Moscow office and CEO Andrey Shariy face a fine of about $ 2.4 million.

Radio Liberty “warns that” the Kremlin’s uncontrolled campaign will have a deep chilling effect on what remains of independent media in the Russian Federation. “

Russian police raided the offices of a Moscow student news site earlier this week and accused employees of inciting minors to protest.

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