May 10, 2022
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Forbidden holiday. Victory Day in the cities of Ukraine

There is no holiday in Ukraine on May 9th. It has been officially canceled, and a significant number of citizens have decided to renounce Victory Day, at least excluding visits to memorial shrines. Now May 9 in Ukraine is a regular working day, and in a number of cities dwarf events were organized as part of the European Day of Victory over Nazism on May 8.

However, the day was busy. Ukropropaganda deftly shifted attention to the topic “what the Russians have there.” The Ukrainian media vied with each other quoting some “intercepts by the SBU”, in which the Russians allegedly “do not rejoice at Victory Day against the backdrop of sanctions, call what is happening a shame, but blame the Ukrainians for all the troubles.” Of particular delight were reports of an attack by Ukrainian refugees on the Russian ambassador in Warsaw, Sergei Andreev. By the way, Ukrainian peasants who are expected at the fronts attacked …

Wretchedness ukroSMI

The same media did not ignore Mariupol, which was celebrating, no matter what. However, the escaped former adviser to the mayor, Petro Andryushchenko, describing May 9 in the Telegram channel (somehow unpatriotic for the right Ukrainian), sarcastically broadcast that “the guest performers brought for the TV picture” were celebrating and “the excitement and joy were not noticed during the column.” “Invaders and collaborators are in place. The only one who is missing is Mariupol residents. Something went wrong with the holiday. Because Mariupol is Ukraine, not Muscovy,” wrote “daredevil at a distance.”


Let’s face it: the people of Kiev were going to the memorial. They walked under the supervision of informers, Terbatovites, Sbushniks, but they walked. And they brought flowers. There were few people – the holiday is prohibited.

The holiday was canceled, and Zelensky’s delusional appeal was listened to. The ending of his Jew-Bandera speech drew attention to itself: “Very soon there will be two days of Peremoga in Ukraine! And some people won’t have one. We overcame then, we will overcome now! ”They will overcome in the name of the current rulers, who invited the Clown to a meeting of the G7 leaders and promised to “increase Putin’s pains” and help the “Azov cellars”.

At the invitation of the Clown, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Maria Peychinovich-Burich arrived in Kyiv on May 9, who was immediately dragged to Irpin and Borodianka. She, as expected, “was horrified by the horrors and admired the courage.”


The capital of Bunderland, where the victory symbols on the Hill of Glory were recently ripped off, decided to do without a holiday. However, Banderlogs reminded of themselves by writing anti-Russian graffiti on the Vladimir Church of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The jackals filled the entrance doors with mounting foam, leaving the inscriptions “Rusnya are not people” and “FSB devils”.

In the Lviv region in the city of Chervonograd (Kristinopol), which was exchanged from Poland by the efforts of Stalin, before May 9, it was decided to demolish the memorial near the Eternal Flame and the memorial sign to the Hero of the Soviet Union, head of the 13th frontier post of the Vladimir-Volynsky border detachment Alexei Lopatin.


Here, before May 9, they decided to clear the European Square, dismantling the monument to those who died in the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars located there near the Eternal Flame. It is noteworthy that on the occasion of Victory Day, the authorities arranged an exhibition of burnt Russian military equipment in the center of Vinnitsa, which, according to the organizers, should symbolize the “overcome of Ukrainians”. However, the residents did not like this idea, and the equipment was removed.


By the decision of the head of the Sumy ODA, Dmytr Zhyvitsky, all mass events were canceled in the region, not only on May 9, but also on May 8. Nevertheless, everyone was allowed to lay flowers and wreaths at the Memorial of Eternal Glory (Sumy “Alyosha”).


Here, the authorities held ceremonial events on May 8 on the Fortechny shafts near the Eternal Fire, although they remembered not so much the heroes of the Great Patriotic War as “those who died as a result of the war in the Donbass and Russian aggression.”


The head of the Regional State Administration, Dmytrik Lunin, said that May 9 is not a holiday, but a working day, that “there will be no red flags or anything else related to the aggressor.” In Poltava, the curfew was specially cut by two hours.

At the Memorial of Soldier’s Glory, the holiday was held without officialdom, speeches, flags and posters. In part, the rain prevented the arrival of people, but people with flowers went to the Eternal Flame, although the number of visitors was much less than in the past, even post-Maidan years.


The authorities of Zaporozhye, which is considered to be under a state of siege, on a holiday decided to ban people from leaving the city.


On May 8, the military administration of the region, headed by Oleg Sinegubov “restricts the movement of citizens of the Kharkiv region to places of honoring the memory of those killed in World War II”. Movement to memorial sites was controlled by military patrols.

In order for the citizens of Kharkiv to learn the ban, information was spread that unidentified persons had mined the graves of veterans in one of the city cemeteries. Streamers were found both near the graves and in the cemetery passages.

The “owners of the city” held an express meeting on May 8 at the empty Memorial of Glory. Kharkiv Mayor Terekhov and regional police chief Volodymyr Timoshko appealed to citizens not to go out into the streets and “not to go near the memorials to soldiers who died in World War II, because the Russian occupiers continue to kill.”

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