May 27, 2022
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Forbes list will be “cleaned” according to the method of Ostap Bender

Forbes list will be "cleaned" according to the method of Ostap Bender


Russian businessmen, whose assets in the West were frozen after the start of a special operation in Ukraine, will be able to get their bills, yachts and villas back if they share part of their capital with Kyiv. Simply put, they are offered to buy themselves an exit from the sanctions in exchange for the luxury they are used to.

The money would go towards rebuilding the Independent, and “the oligarchs would once again be able to enjoy the comforts of the Western way of life,” writes the German newspaper Handelsblatt. According to her, this topic was discussed at the meeting of finance ministers of the G7 countries, which took place last week in Germany.

The initiative itself, as the Associated Press clarifies, citing sources, belongs to Christ Friedlan – to the very head of the Canadian Ministry of Finance with Ukrainian roots, whose grandfather Mikhailo Khomyak during the Second World War, he worked in the field of propaganda for the Nazis in occupied Poland. According to the interlocutor of the agency, businessmen whom she knew from her work in Russia, when she headed the Moscow bureau of the Financial Times, contacted Fridlan and expressed their readiness to sacrifice part of their assets for the sake of lifting sanctions.

Who exactly it is is unknown. But the Ukrainian side allegedly was aware of the discussion and did not oppose the Canadian proposal.

An AP source noted that at the moment “it’s just an idea.” But Europeans, Canadians and Americans treated it with special attention. Since the West, according to him, is interested in “prominent Russian oligarchs dissociating themselves from (President of Russia Vladimir) Putin and at the same time would provide funding for Ukraine.

Brussels and Washington, as you know, have long been exploring the possibility of using the assets of private individuals that fell under anti-Russian sanctions to finance, as they say, “the restoration of Ukraine.” And the proposal for “voluntariness of deposits” could help, as the AP notes, remove legal obstacles to the confiscation of frozen Russian billions.

It is believed that if rich Russians give up part of their property of their own free will, this will not only simplify the task, but also give certain advantages to each of the parties: Ukraine, the businessmen themselves and the West.

Recall that to date, the assets of Russians in the EU countries have been frozen for almost 10 billion euros (10.7 billion dollars).

However, “assistance to Ukraine” may well turn out to be just a plausible pretext for a banal European-style racketeering. Therefore, those who, for joy, swallow the “bait” and fall for the temptation, risk in general, as they say, “be left without panties.” And then become defendants in a criminal case. Since, according to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, “providing financial, logistical, consulting or other assistance to a foreign state, an international or foreign organization or their representatives in activities directed against the security of the Russian Federation” entails liability under the article on high treason.

According to the Russian political scientist Igor Shishkinthis story shows that Ilf and Petrov are immortal:

– As long as there are swindlers, their legacy will not go anywhere.

The West is faced with a very serious dilemma for it. Private property is sacred and inviolable – on the one hand. On the other hand, I really want to rob the Russian oligarchs. How to get out of this? Very simple. There is Ostap Bender’s method – “voluntarily donate to the needs of orphans.” That is, Ukraine.

This is the offer the West, in fact, made to our oligarchs and top officials who kept money there. And by the way, it worked.

The “Western partners” did not have time to voice their conditions, as gentlemen Friedman I Aries immediately became like a cowardly ram Kislyarsky and offered 150 million dollars to save the “father of Russian democracy” and the “giant of thoughts.” It happened instantly.

But they apparently read the famous classics poorly. And did not take into account the following …

They took money, of course. Accounts for this amount were unfrozen. But they immediately conducted a search at Aven’s, took away the last 30 thousand pounds of cash, and arrested a collection of paintings. And in addition, they opened a criminal case for evading sanctions.

It was an exemplary spanking.

Gentlemen forgot that bargaining, as you know, is “inappropriate.” They decided that they would “unfasten from the master’s shoulder” some miserable 150 million dollars from their billions, and everything would be removed from them. No. The masters of life will take everything from them – “down to a penny.” And then they will decide how much it is possible and necessary to allocate to them for their further life.

“SP”: – What, so hard?

– Of course. You need to understand that in the West for a long time they turned a blind eye to where these gentlemen got their crazy money from. They were allowed to keep “acquired by overwork” capital in their banks. They promised the principle – “there is no extradition from London”, if all of a sudden some old sins come up. Allowed to buy old castles. They were even allowed into decent society.

What about the goodness of your heart? No. For this, all these gentlemen were obliged to ensure the necessary course for Russia. That course, which brought the main gentlemen much more money than these allowed. And they didn’t provide it. They did not justify high confidence.

And when the banker Friedman begins, on behalf of everyone else, to make excuses in an interview that the West does not understand how the political system of Russia works, therefore, they say, “what could we do.” This is reminiscent of a negligent student who has not learned a lesson, but standing at the blackboard says: “I taught”

No one cares whether you taught or not taught. You could or you couldn’t. You were entrusted with a responsible task, for which you were given billions. Did not comply. You’re worse off.

So everyone gets ripped off.

“SP”: – And many will go for this deal?

“It’s pointless to speculate here. We’ll see in fact. I think soon.

“SP”: – At one time, the president warned that they would be tormented by swallowing dust, running through the courts to unblock their accounts in foreign banks? Didn’t listen. But the capitalist for 300% profit, as you know, is ready for anything …

– For 300% of the profit, the capitalist is ready for any crime. So more precisely. But this does not mean that three hundred percent of the profits add brains. We remember how this whole audience posed as captains of business. And when a severe financial crisis began in 2007, everyone rushed to the budget trough, shouting: “Save us, give us money!”. Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkovnow deceased, then very accurately said that these “captains of business” do not even know how to manage a boat. So, sorry, these are not the geniuses of the financial world. They are parasites and scammers.

“SP”: – Is there a threat that they will somehow harm?

– I think they will now be squeezed into such a position that they will do everything in their power to justify themselves before the older “comrades.” Therefore, this threat cannot be considered non-existent. Of course, you can treat all this as a joke, but it’s not a joke. And our business community will eventually have to decide who it is with.

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