May 7, 2022
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For which rooms is the loft design ideal?

For which rooms is the loft design ideal?For which rooms is the loft design ideal?

Today, there are many different styles, but among the general number, the loft design stands out, which is ideal for large rooms with high ceilings.

Distinctive features

The loft style has several key features:

  • the layout of the premises is open, the number of partitions is reduced;
  • ceilings are of significant height;
  • concrete is used for wall decoration, careless (slightly sloppy plastering) is carried out;
  • loft-style furniture should be multifunctional.

In what rooms to use the loft style?

Loft style can be used in a variety of rooms.


In the loft style, a little space is allocated for the kitchen. In most cases, it is located in the corner zone. For decoration, chrome is often used, as well as glass. In the center of the kitchen, household appliances and some multifunctional furniture are necessarily located.

Living room

When decorating a living room in the style of an elevator, you need to use massive interior items made of wood and leather. The windows in the living room should be large, open. Additionally, a coffee table can be placed in the room, as well as several armchairs and ottomans. For decor, you can use racks that are decorated with books and other accessories.


In most cases, a loft-style bedroom is fenced off with partitions or walls. This allows you to create a more intimate environment. To further decorate the bedroom, you can use soothing shades. The use of walls made of brick or concrete is also allowed. Additional processing is not required. To visually expand the bedroom, you can use wardrobes, which are equipped with large mirrors. For additional decoration, you can use pillows or flowers.


As for the bathroom, here you can apply a variety of directions. It is allowed to use eclecticism or modern hi-tech. Based on which direction is chosen, it also depends on what plumbing equipment is worth buying. To make the bathroom look attractive, it is worth using a multifunctional shower stall.

To properly design a kitchen, bedroom or living room in the style of an elevator, you should take into account the recommendations of professional designers. This will create a comfortable environment.

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