Jan 29, 2021
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“For Truth” will preserve the social movement by merging with the “SR”

The activities of the public movement “For Truth” and “Guard Zakhar Prilepin” will continue after the merger of the party “For Truth” with “Fair Russia” and “Patriots of Russia”, reports TASS.

Party leader Zakhar Prilepin explained to reporters that these structures represent a “reserve regiment”.

It is noted that the public movement “For Pravda” has about 20 thousand members, while the number of members of the party “For Truth” is about 1 thousand. Zakhar Prilepin’s Guard is a separate organization.

Prilepin did not rule out that after the elections he could become the head of the united political organization.

Earlier it was reported that the leaders of the parties “Fair Russia”, “For Truth” and “Patriots of Russia” signed a manifesto on the unification of three political organizations.

Sergei Mironov, the head of the SR, called the signing of the document a “historical event”, marking the beginning of the rallying of all left political forces. According to him, the goal of the united party will be “at least second place” in the elections to the State Duma.

To follow the example of the united parties in order to create a powerful socialist force, the KPRF “Patriots of Russia” called on. However, according to the leader of the communists Gennady Zyuganov, such a union does not make sense.

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