Oct 22, 2021
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“For the male state” * tied in a knot

In the photo: Vladislav Pozdnyakov

In the photo: Vladislav Pozdnyakov (Photo: @doktorvladi)

The Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court ruled to recognize the “Male State” * (MG) as an extremist organization and ban its activities in Russia. The corresponding statement of claim was previously put forward by the acting prosecutor of the Nizhny Novgorod region Andrey Galchenko

The interested parties in the consideration of the case were the Main Directorate of the Regional Ministry of Justice and the Roskomnadzor Directorate for the Volga Federal District. The defendants in the case file included an interregional organization “Male State” without official registration, its founder Vladislav Pozdnyakov, as well as active participants – Dmitry Gubanov and Igor Nosov… By the way, none of the defendants appeared in the courtroom during the hearing.

This association is known primarily due to the Internet, which generously spread messages about activists allegedly threatening the life of feminists, LGBT activists, as well as organizing attacks on catering establishments suspected of promoting “non-traditional” values. MG activists left harsh comments on the pages of institutions in social networks, disseminated negative information about them, and lowered their ratings on various kinds of consumer Internet services. etc.

One of the victims of the merger was the Tanuki Japanese restaurant chain, which came under fire for its advertising on social networks. Its administration refused to remove the content that aroused rejection, stating that “beautiful people will continue to appear on our social media photos – representatives of different faiths, nationalities, races and orientations.” But representatives of the Vkusville chain of stores, after the MG raids, apologized to customers for publishing an advertising article, where the heroes were members of the same-sex “family”.

The Tanuki, however, decided to sue the Men’s State demanding compensation for losses incurred in August 2021, when the restaurant chain’s website was attacked by a now-banned structure.

Three years ago, the Nizhny Novgorod court already sentenced Pozdnyakov to two years of probation for “actions of an extremist orientation.” However, later he was released from punishment in connection with the partial decriminalization of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. In addition, in October was blocked

his own “Blogger You Deserve” channel on YouTube, as well as a telegram channel. Prior to that, MG’s page in the Vkontakte network, as well as an account in TikTok, were blocked.

It must be said that the echoes of the information campaign around MG reached high-ranking officials. In August of this year, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov a question was asked about threats from members of the organization to female representatives. He replied that this topic was not part of the Kremlin’s concerns, but if there were violations of the law, then law enforcement agencies should react to this.

Many famous characters expressed dissatisfaction with the activities of the “Male State”. Including designer and blogger Artemy Lebedev, who called Pozdnyakov “a psychopath who, thank God, was kicked out of the country.” Currently, the founder of MG is abroad and is not going to return to Russia. He does not disclose the host country. Various sources name Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Turkey, Georgia.

– I respect the court decision in relation to this organization, – commented on the verdict writer and publicist Nikolai Starikov

– But I can say that there is something in the MG’s activities that reminds me of the activities of one St. Petersburg deputy, who is known for his active struggle for “green zones”, parks and ecology. In fact, before starting any campaign for the environment, he came to the enterprise and said: I will torture you with pickets, protest actions, if you don’t pay such and such an amount, because your activity interferes with the normal functioning of such and such a park. If they refused to pay him, he, as they say, raised the public. This I mean that sometimes the declared goals of the organization may strongly differ from what its leaders want to achieve.

“SP”: – In principle, the “Male State” did not have any structure, it was active mainly on the Internet.

– We live in an information society. If any association wants to be heard and to declare its existence, it must be active in the network. And in this way, a connection is created between the Internet space and reality, without which it is impossible today. I will add that I personally came across representatives of MG on the Internet, when its activists sometimes left under my videos or publications of various kinds, shall we say, strange comments in relation to the fair sex. In my opinion, such gestures do not paint men in any way.

– This organization, in my opinion, is a simulacrum cobbled together by political strategists, the purpose of which is to divert the attention of a part of society from pressing problems, real socio-economic difficulties currently facing society, – I am convinced internet blogger, writer and publicist Maxim Kalashnikov

– This “Men’s State” was issuing just a chaotic set of slogans, strange ideas, presented them in the same muddy form. And all this was eagerly replicated by the media. Instead of a real discussion of the situation, we got some kind of hype and grotesque. All this did not make it possible to even closely talk about something specific – this, apparently, was the purpose of this structure.

In a healthy state, there will be no need to emphasize the male character and protrude any sexual characteristics. Men and women have different functions by nature and different roles, but all this is embodied in a natural way, without any “nudge”.

* “Male State” – an unregistered interregional Internet movement by the decision of the Nizhny Novgorod Regional Court dated October 18, 2021, was recognized as an extremist organization, its activities on the territory of Russia are prohibited.

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