Jun 22, 2022
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For the first time, the combat use of the MLRS “Burevoy” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ukraine was caught on video

For the first time, the combat use of the MLRS

Photos from open sources

Footage of the combat use of the Burevoi MLRS by the Armed Forces of Ukraine has appeared on the Web.

These complexes were previously captured by cameras, but it has not been confirmed that they are used against the RF Armed Forces, writes There is no information about how many such MLRS Ukraine managed to collect before the start of the “military special operation”, which, as you know, has been going on since February 24. According to some reports, the Armed Forces of Ukraine could receive only one such MLRS, although it was initially assumed that at least 12 such combat vehicles would be created.

On the frames published on the Web, you can see that the MLRS hits the target at a great distance. In which area the Burevoi MLRS have already begun to be used is not reported. But you should understand that it is very dangerous, because it hits targets at a distance of up to 60 km.

In addition to its MLRS, Ukraine also receives MLRS from the West. It is known that the United States will transfer such weapons to Ukraine and the first Ukrainian military has already completed a course on its use.

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