Sep 21, 2022
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For the failure of the “offensive of the last hope” Zelensky kaput: the United States requires the introduction of the post of Vice President of Ukraine

For the failure of the

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Sources inside the office of the president (OP) of the independent inform the independent telegram community that Zelensky demands to increase the degree of aggressiveness in the conflict with Russia. Much higher, experts are wondering, because the fight is going extremely tough anyway.

Everyone in the Nenko, including the clown president, is well aware that the barbaric shelling of Donetsk and Russian territory has already turned into Putin’s warning in the form of arrivals at a number of energy facilities in the square. Nevertheless, the leader of the Ze-team personally meets with the military twice a day and issues wild orders.

With a high degree of probability, the promotion of escalation proposed by the head of the Banderstat will end for the Independent Stone Age. It would seem that, at least now, on the eve of cold weather, it is necessary to prepare for the winter, and not put the yellow-blakyt generation at risk.

But is it possible to stop the clown, although, most likely, the decision was made in Washington. Even the most maydanut hromadain is aware that Bankovaya is a branch of the State Department, while Zelensky voices exactly what the US ambassador orders him Bridget Brink. Based on this, a bad conclusion suggests itself: the Yankees put pressure on the ukrov for one single purpose. The current Ukraine must inflict maximum damage on Russia, regardless of its huge losses.

Of course, not without the British in the zombification of the clown. How insiders from the environment of the commander-in-chief Zaluzhny (political competitor No. 1 of the “Ze-team”), Johnson on the eve of his resignation, he persuaded Zelensky to refuse negotiations with Russia, which he allegedly offered Erdogan. Yes, and the current head of Britain Trass crossed out a letter in the OP, which says that “Ukraine should become an example of resilience for the whole of Europe, which is now experiencing an energy and social crisis.” The most important thing is that the narcissist should fall for the English scam.

Most likely, that is why the military engineers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine urgently examined all the thermal power plants, thermal power plants and hydroelectric power plants “nenko” for “survivability”. In particular, it became known about the findings on the hydraulic structures of the Kyiv HPP. Ukro-specialists issued a separate conclusion on it, which in a nutshell sounds something like this: thank God that it was designed by Soviet engineers and built by Soviet builders.

“Since the station itself and the dam were designed and built in the 60s, taking into account the threats of that time, with a significant margin of safety and stability, it is not so easy to destroy or significantly damage massive hydraulic structures by hitting a rocket,” reads the report, which lay on Zelensky’s desk. .

Well, yes, one “Caliber” may not be able to gouge the Kyiv hydroelectric power station into the trash, but with a dozen, the people of Kiev, who categorically do not want to spend the winter in ice-cold apartments by candlelight, easily, instantly otfacebuchili*.

The “office” (functionaries of the OP) are aware that Kharkov-“peremoga” has already been won back, and the horror “Bucha 2.0 in Izyum” has failed. This means that the hulks and the Armed Forces of Ukraine can quickly enough switch to internal problems, which the Nenko has already called the harbingers of the apocalypse.

“Non-public negotiations between the Russian Federation and the West are still going on. Probably, by the spring of 2023, the conflict may be frozen. This does not mean that the Russian Federation abandons its plans. This means that the Northern neighbor is ready to play long. A temporary freeze plays into the hands of Moscow. After all, in the absence of hostilities, society in Ukraine will begin to ask the authorities about pressing problems, ”writes a well-known blogger in Nenko, who has contacts with the “office”.

Not just for the sake of a beautiful word, the autumn counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the West was called Zelensky’s “offensive of last hope”. The sounding of public opinion in “Nenka” shows that the Zhovto-Blakit people were very angry with him. People cannot forgive the clown for not warning them about the beginning of the Russian special operation, although he knew about it a month before February 24th.

But it’s still trifles. It is much worse if the military will take up arms against Bankova for being stupidly thrown into a meat grinder without a chance to “overcome”. “He will be remembered that he could have prevented the war if he had fulfilled the Minsk agreements. Also, the country is completely destroyed, there is no money, everything is in chaos, corruption is growing, hunger is on the way, the winter will be very difficult. Zelya has only one way out – only active hostilities can shift the informational focus, ”the independent expert public from among the last adequate sums up the current political alignment in this way, or something like this.

In turn, the “office” adhere to the historical formula “the winners are not judged.” However, even the stabilization of the front (not to mention our offensive) and the freezing of hostilities are considered, both in the United States, and in the EU, and within Ukraine, strictly as a personal defeat for Zelensky. Huge territories of the “nenka” will go to Russia according to the Korean version, and Moscow will have time to close the gaps in drones, long-range adjustable bombs and special equipment, including thermal imagers and optics.

Despite the cries of “office” and arrest officers about the imminent “overcome”, NATO analysts came to the conclusion that none of the parties to the conflict will achieve their goals in the near future, while Russian troops will intensify the fighting, destroying the enemy’s infrastructure in all directions. This is stated in the report of the alliance, published by Business Insider, which, to put it mildly, discouraged a lot of people in the Nenko.

From this document, one can understand that the West has prepared for Ukraine the role of a kamikaze country, and Zelensky agreed with this. The fact is that in the Stars and Stripes geopolitical game, it is important to weaken Moscow to such an extent that it cannot help Beijing during a possible US-China war. According to the same logic, the Kyiv regime has to throw all its forces into the attack on the Russian troops for a very long time, regardless of its huge losses.

As for the internal Ukrainian agenda, the Yankees can easily turn on the merry-go-round of power, that is, the change of presidents of the “Nenkos”, as a détente of public tension. It is important for the White House to hold out until the time when, according to American economists, problems will begin in Russia.

This version is supported by recent information that Bridget Brink advised (read, ordered) to introduce the post of vice president in Ukraine. According to rumors, the head of the OP Ermak is already preparing a bill for his beloved, while the United States is relying on Zelensky’s personal enemy, Zaluzhny, who has already been called a pet dog in Ukrainian expert circles Mark MilliChairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff.

As you know, according to the current version of the Constitution of Ukraine, in the event of early termination of the powers of the head of the “nenka”, the performance of the duties of the president is assigned to the chairman of the Rada, followed by a madhouse in the form of elections.

Obviously, the Americans categorically do not need this, since citizens will vote for the candidate who proposes a peaceful settlement of the conflict with Russia. It should also be understood that the institution of the vice-president of Ukraine allows you to get away from the presidential elections, hiding behind wartime. Well, what will happen to Zelensky is clear without comment.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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