Oct 25, 2021
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For the development of Russia. The chairman of the United Russia instructed the deputies to support the budget

Chairman of the United Russia party Dmitry Medvedev.

October 25 party chairman Dmitry Medvedev instructed the deputies of the Duma faction “United Russia” to support the draft of the main financial document of the country. He recalled that for several months the party has been working daily with the Government on the formation of the budget for 2022-2024.

Main tasks: implementation of the President’s Address, achievement of national development goals, ensuring the implementation of the people’s program.

“And today, when the United Russia faction in the State Duma needs to make a decision on voting for the budget, I instruct my colleagues to support this document and do everything for its effective implementation. Supporting families with children, developing health care, helping regions, protecting and caring for each person and much more are a small part of the priorities of the people’s program. And we have achieved, have done everything to find the means to solve the tasks outlined in the program, ”the party chairman emphasized.

He also noted that United Russia is already working with the Government to fine-tune the budget and is preparing amendments for the development of rural areas, a significant increase in funds for the construction of regional roads, the availability of air traffic, the development of the social sphere and other issues.

“In all these areas, a detailed discussion will take place at the party’s platform, with the participation of members of the Government, deputies, senators and experts. I also instruct the deputies of our faction at the regional week to discuss the budget in the regions with people, to tell about the key tasks and directions. Based on the results, we will draw up amendments and supplement the budget with them, ”concluded Dmitry Medvedev.

On September 30, the Government submitted to the State Duma a draft federal budget for 2022 and a planning period of 2023-2024. United Russia worked on it together with the Cabinet of Ministers within the framework of the zero readings and the formation of the party’s popular program. This made it possible to take into account in the main financial document of the country social obligations and funds for the implementation of the instructions of the President, which he gave in the Address and at the Congress of “United Russia”, as well as the implementation of national goals and national projects. The 2022 budget will be in surplus – its revenues exceed 25 trillion rubles.

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