Feb 15, 2021
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“For my native Kathmandu.” Ukrainian President Zelensky doesn’t know geography?

Even before the “Euromaidan” broke out in Ukraine, another terrible attack fell upon Nezalezhnaya and together with Russia – directed by the director Marius Weisberg comedy “Rzhevsky against Napoleon”.

His imperial residence

The future president of Ukraine was among the producers of this tape. Vladimir Zelensky, who also played in it Napoleon Bonaparte. The picture, which could not even return the funds spent on its production (at least, according to the data from open sources), did not cause enthusiasm among critics either. And when Zelensky went into politics, only the lazy did not blame him with the image of a caricatured Napoleon.

In 2019, a Ukrainian voter believed that Zelensky was almost Goloborodko from the Servant of the People series. But the further, the more it seems that the president of Ukraine has much more features from his Napoleon.

On February 12, the so-called Chinese New Year, or, in other words, the Spring Festival, which is massively celebrated in China, as well as in the countries of East Asia, began. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian authorities themselves seriously complicated relations with the PRC by imposing sanctions against Chinese companies and businessmen who intended to acquire the Motor Sich enterprise, Zelensky’s team decided to congratulate their Chinese comrades on the holiday.

Congratulated China with the sights of Nepal

Two entries appeared on the Twitter account of the President of Ukraine – one in Ukrainian, the other in Chinese.

“On behalf of all Ukrainians and on my own behalf, I congratulate the leader of China, the Honorable Xi Jinping and friendly people with the holiday of spring! On the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership, I confirm my commitment to further mutually beneficial cooperation, ”Zelensky said in his address.

Of course, after the story with the introduction of sanctions, words about “mutually beneficial cooperation” sounded like hypocrisy, but this was not the only point. An appeal to the Chinese leader via Twitter, blocked in the PRC, looked strange – it turns out that the Ukrainian president did not really expect that the congratulations would reach the addressee.

Apparently, therefore, Zelensky himself or those who maintains him on Twitter were not very careful about the issue of illustration. The head of Ukraine congratulated the Chinese people with the image of Durbar Square, located in … the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. Before the mistake was noticed and removed, users of social networks had time to laugh at it.

Toronto instead of Ottawa: how Ukrainians “changed” the capital of Canada

This blooper probably would not be worth paying attention to if the Office of the President of Ukraine did not make mistakes of this kind on a regular basis.

It seems that the legendary became the curator of Zelensky’s team Jen Psaki… In July 2019, the press service of the President of Ukraine “sent” its patron to the wrong capital of Canada. The message said: “The head of state will take part in the International Conference on Support of Reforms in Ukraine, which will be held in the capital of Canada – Toronto.”

Indeed, in the 19th century, Toronto was one of the cities that claimed to be the capital of Canada. However, in the end, preference was given to Ottawa, which in 1857 became the capital of the united province of Canada, and in 1867 – the capital of the state of Canada. And even the presence of the head office of the World Congress of Ukrainians in Toronto does not make the city a Canadian capital.

Naturally, the mistake had to be corrected, indicating that Toronto is the “capital of the province of Ontario”.

The then Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko, having decided to educate Zelensky, wrote on her page on the social network:

“Just in case, an educational program.

The capital of Turkey is Ankara, not Istanbul.

The capital of the Netherlands is The Hague, not Amsterdam.

The capital of the United States is Washington, not New York. And then there is little where the next visit.

And we are worried that everything is good. “

The correction came out so-so – the fact is that the official capital of the Netherlands is still Amsterdam, even though the seat of the government is located in The Hague.

How Zelensky came up with the “President of Canada”

With Canada, the current Ukrainian authorities are in real trouble. In May 2020, VZelensky distinguished himself during the celebration of World Embroidery Day. The holiday invented back in 2006 after “Euromaidan” turned into a real fetish in Nezalezhnaya. Wearing an embroidered shirt began to be seen as a sign of loyalty to the new Ukrainian ideals.

In 2020, Embroidery Day fell on May 21, in connection with which, on behalf of Zelensky, Ukrainian embroidered shirts were sent to leaders of various countries of the world. The press service of the President of Ukraine reported: “The presidents and first ladies of the United States of America, the Federal Republic of Germany, the French Republic, Canada, the Republic of Poland, the Turkish Republic and other countries received symbolic gifts that carry a part of Ukrainian history and culture.”

Such a surprise was especially unexpected for Canada, which does not have a president. Today Canada is a constitutional monarchy. The current monarch – Elizabeth IIrepresented in the country by the governor-general. The actual government is concentrated in the hands of the parliament and government, headed by the Prime Minister of Canada.

When the Office of the President of Ukraine was pointed to the gaps in political geography, the word “presidents” was quickly removed from the publication.

Latvia was named Lithuania, and Lithuania – Latvia

In the fall of 2019, the Baltic countries “suffered” from Zelensky’s team. The President of Ukraine arrived on an official visit to Latvia, and his Office on its Facebook page published photos with the caption: “Vladimir Zelensky’s official visit to the Republic of Lithuania.”

When messages about the error went for a walk on social networks, representatives of the President of Ukraine hastened to remove the post and issue a new one, which said that about a visit to the “Republic of Latvia”. But this is also not true for the official chronicle, since the exact name of the country sounds like “Republic of Latvia”. I had to redo the publication again.

In November 2019, Zelenskiy arrived on an official visit to Lithuania. His press secretary Julia Mendel posted on the social network her photo with the caption: “Dress for a Latvian business trip.” Later, Mrs. Mendel argued that she did not confuse the Baltic countries at all, but simply decided to joke like that. This is hard to believe, given the previous sins of Zelenskiy’s team.

It is interesting that after the team of the President of Ukraine confused Lithuania and Latvia for the first time, the Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Kirill Tymoshenko announced that the employee who had made a mistake had been handed a “geographical atlas as a gift.”

As time has shown, this did not help. Zelensky himself is right at the desk. Although, if we take into account that in the spring of 2020 on Ukrainian TV lessons during self-isolation, a polar bear was sent to live in Antarctica, this will not help the President of Ukraine.

And Napoleon doesn’t need knowledge from cinema at all – they are only a hindrance during antics.

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