Sep 20, 2021
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For 10 years Ukraine has not found money to replenish grain reserves. Critical level

The State Reserve of Ukraine stated that for 10 years the authorities have not found money to replenish grain reserves. The level is now critical. The department started talking about the threat to national security.

A representative of the State Reserve Agency of Ukraine talked to the agency “Ukrainform” and spoke about the deplorable situation. Over the past 10 years, Ukraine has not found money to replenish grain reserves. The state budget for 2021 does not provide for the purchase of grain from the new harvest.

The situation is critical. The approved storage period for grain is two years. But in the storage facilities of the State Reserve there is much older wheat – 1999-2018. More than half a billion hryvnia (equivalent to 1.5 billion rubles) is needed to “renew and refresh” material assets.

The department warned: if the situation does not change, the State Reserve will not be able to help the economy of Ukraine. The current situation is a “potential threat to the national security of the state.”

In June last year, the adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Mykhailo Apostol, said that almost 2,700 wagons of grain, which should be stored in the State Reserve of Ukraine, were “eaten by mice.” Even the French media could not resist after such a statement.

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