May 15, 2020
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Football is returning throughout Europe. Germany starts first

Where the championships have already ended

TOP-championships of European countries are slowly but surely starting to return to the big game. So far, however, not all. The championship of France is officially completed. The champion was PSG, the second place at Marseille, the third at Rennes. Grand French football “Lyon” was left without European cups and plans to appeal this decision in court, as well as “Toulouse”, which challenged the relegation, despite 1 point in 18 matches.

The competitions were prematurely completed in the Netherlands, where all public events (even without spectators) are prohibited until September 1, so the players went on a long vacation. Most likely, the Dutch neighbors - the Belgians - will finish their season ahead of schedule, where the epidemic of the coronavirus is not declining. In this case, the Ukrainian defender Eduard Sobol, who plays for Brugge, will become the champion of the country. The second place will go to Ghent, in which three Ukrainians play at once: Roman Bezus, Roman Yaremchuk and Igor Plastun. The third one will be taken by Charleroi, which is one point behind Gent.

They are returning

The Football Federation insisted on ending the season according to the current table Spain, but La Liga did not obey. But later, Javier Tebas (league) and Luis Rubiales (federation) held 8-hour negotiations and still decided to finish the game. Clubs are already training with distance restrictions and protective measures.

It is planned that the Spanish championship will be played out during the first two summer months, so that by August, when UEFA is going to resume European competitions, the teams were there ready. The reserve date, 19 of June, is selected in case the epidemiological situation in the country requires adjustment. The games are planned to be held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in order to complete the championship as soon as possible.

Italy, which suffered the most from the coronavirus in Europe, nevertheless decided to finish the championship, because football it is a national passion in the Apennines. At a meeting of the Assembly of Series A, it was decided to resume the season 12 in June. The date is determined in accordance with the decisions of the Italian government and medical protocols on the protection of players. From May 4 in Italy, individual training sessions were allowed, with 14, group classes were allowed.

England is still thought

England is in limbo, whose return in the world is most awaited. A series of conferences between the league, clubs and players is due next week. The Telegraph claims that the Premier League plans to restart at 10 or 13 on June, and the teams will start training from 18 on May. But these are not the final dates.

- I do not want to give forecasts right now. We have plans, but they are flexible, ”explains Richard Masters, executive director of the Premier League.

According to the owner of the Premier League club, the chance to cancel the season is 40 percent. They say that even UEFA is ready to move its deadline (25 in May) for the sake of the nuclear submarine, so that they can figure it out.

President of the Polish Football Federation Zbigniew Bonek said that 25 - 28 in May matches of the national cup will be played, and the next day it is planned to restore the championship. they want to play the remaining rounds before 18 July. In Austria 30, the finals of the cup between Salzburg and Austria will be held on May, and the championship will resume on June 2, where ten more rounds remain.

The Bulgarian Championship will open on June 5. However, if the development of the epidemic leads to a new pause, the season - 40 / 19 will be completed ahead of schedule on based on the preliminary classification, according to a press release from the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU).

In Sweden, the national championship is held according to the spring-autumn schedule. This year, due to the coronavirus, the season will be held according to the summer-autumn schedule. The season in Allsvenskan starts 12 June. The Norwegian government has allowed the resumption of matches of the football championship of the country from 14 June.


  • German Championship - 16 May
  • Czech Championship - 20 May
  • Poland Championship - 25 - 28 on May
  • Danish Championship - 27 May
  • Austrian Championship - 30 May
  • Ukraine Championship - 30 May
  • Hungarian Championship - 30 May
  • Montenegro Championship - June 1
  • Portugal Championship - June 4
  • Championship of Bulgaria - June 5
  • Championship of England - 10 - 12 June (tentatively)
  • Italian Championship - 12 June
  • Swedish Championship - 13 June
  • Norway Championship - 16 June
  • Spanish Championship - 18 June (tentatively)

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