Aug 7, 2022
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Footage of the work of the Russian armored train “Yenisei” in Ukraine appeared on the Web

Footage of the work of the Russian armored train

The unique armored train “Yenisei” delivers humanitarian aid along a secret route to the most remote and dangerous regions of Ukraine.

Izvestia war correspondent Alexander Morozov demonstrated the operation of this technique. According to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to attack the train more than once, but each time they received a tough rebuff.

“Enough weapons to deal with any sabotage groups in our path. There are two infantry fighting vehicles on the armored train, as well as an anti-aircraft gun for air combat against the enemy, ”says the commander of the armored train with the call sign Yenisei.

It is reported that the main task of the armored train at the moment is the delivery of water, medicines and food for civilians in Donbass. “Yenisei” for the entire time of work evacuated a thousand people who left the combat zone.

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