Sep 21, 2022
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Foods to help your stomach work

Foods to help your stomach work

Problems with the gastrointestinal tract are not something that is customary to blow on every corner. And yet, we very often experience problems with this part of the body. For one reason or another. Here heredity, malnutrition, complications from past diseases can influence.

But there is a group of products that can help you solve these problems. All of them are a storehouse for the stomach and the body as a whole. By including these foods in your diet, you will forget about constipation, gastritis and even ulcers. And the improvements will not slow down to make themselves felt!

1. Brown rice

Brown rice consists of whole grains of rice. It has the tough rice husk removed, but still retains the nutritious bran shell that gives it its characteristic brownish hue and nutty flavor. There are not many calories in brown rice, but not a few either – about 330 kcal per 100 g; many healthy carbohydrates, including sugars; proteins and fats are also very valuable – a large part of the fats is represented by unsaturated fatty acids; there are organic acids and dietary fiber; vitamins E, PP, group B; minerals. Rice, on the other hand, allows such people to treat irritation of the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines and at the same time does not cause unpleasant effects, like other mucous porridges – for example, oatmeal.

2. Kiwi

Thanks to fiber, kiwi has a positive effect on the digestive tract and copes with the feeling of heaviness in the stomach after a hearty meal. Frequent consumption of fruit will help remove salt from the body and prevent the formation of kidney stones. Since kiwi fruits contain tannins and pectins, they have an enveloping and anti-inflammatory effect, therefore they are indicated for diseases of the digestive tract and for gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers in particular. Despite its sour taste, kiwi helps to scar the ulcer, and due to its sour taste, it helps to remove salts from the body.

3. Spinach

Spinach is a kind of broom for the stomach and rightfully the king of vegetables. It excites the activity of the pancreas and stimulates the intestines, is valued for its high content of vegetable protein, provitamin A, vitamins C and group B. Recent studies by scientists have shown that fatty acids contained in small amounts in green leaves can prevent gastritis and any inflammatory diseases. GIT. However, if there are already deviations, spinach soups should be prepared to improve the stomach. In addition, spinach can normalize your stool problems!

4. Yoghurt

It is no coincidence that yogurts are advised to those who drink antibiotics to restore the intestines. When used correctly as part of the menu, it can help cure gastritis, naturally, in combination with drug therapy. It normalizes the microflora and makes your stomach less susceptible to irritation.

5. Sauerkraut

Cabbage is useful for the stomach, and for the figure, and for the liver, and for cleansing the body. But the main paradox is that sauerkraut is much healthier in sauerkraut than fresh. This is due to the fact that the bacteria that ferment cabbage form new substances. The huge benefit of sauerkraut is due to the content of lactic acid in it. Due to this, bacteria that are beneficial to the body remain in the intestines. Lactic acid is able to overcome even E. coli and other dangerous bacteria, so you need to eat cabbage as often as possible.

6. Prunes

Perhaps the first thing that dried plums have a beneficial effect on is the gastrointestinal tract. An infusion of it helps to get rid of constipation and normalize the work of the digestive system. Also, this dried fruit has a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, as it contains ballast substances needed for stomach diseases. It is enough to eat about 4-6 berries per day.

7. Popcorn

Popcorn is a source of quality carbohydrates and a complete grain product. It can be used in weight loss programs. So, one serving of popcorn contains only 70 kilocalories. Popcorn is satisfying and at the same time does not spoil the appetite, as it is quickly evacuated from the stomach. Its main advantage is that it contains a large amount of fiber.

8. Beans

Dried red and white beans, as well as dried peas, eliminate heartburn, which is dangerous for the esophageal mucosa, and excess acid is also harmful to the stomach. And beans successfully neutralize this excess, thereby preventing many serious diseases. The high fiber content in beans helps with constipation and difficult bowel movements, which are often the cause of hemorrhoids and other ailments.

9. Water

Increasing the consumption of raw and pure water up to 2 liters per day completely solves problems with stomach pain and ulcers. Stomach ache – first aid treatment – a glass of raw water. Of course, this is not when bleeding has already begun and the person needs to be saved. But with a chronic disease – this is a super remedy!

10. Zucchini

The dietary fiber of zucchini adsorbs toxic substances, excess cholesterol and water well, removes them from the body. In obese people, zucchini consumption causes the illusion of rapid satiety, thereby reducing the consumption of other higher-calorie foods. Extraordinarily useful zucchini in old age. They activate the digestive processes, improve the motor and secretory functions of the stomach and intestines.

11. Salmon

According to doctors, salmon bellies contain the most important substances that must be included in a person’s weekly menu without fail. This fish contains biologically active substances that can support articular cartilage, as well as effectively control the inflammatory process in the gastrointestinal tract.

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