Sep 2, 2021
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"Following America, You Can’t Even Get Cowards": Chinese Readers on Abandoned in Afghanistan

The United States “forgot” about 200 Americans and many Taliban collaborators in Afghanistan. “If you follow America, you won’t even get cowards in size from them,” comment Chinese readers.

After the completion of the evacuation of the United States from Afghanistan, about 200 Americans remained in the country, CNN reported. Readers of the Chinese edition of Guancha recall how Americans boasted that their country would never abandon them.

We are talking about an interview with an American named Sarah, who was not even informed that the last US plane had left Kabul and no new ones were expected. The woman admitted that she no longer trusts her country. The Chinese edition of Guancha has published excerpts of this interview.

So there was a clear difference between American citizens and Americans!

– sarcastically a Chinese reader under the nickname “Water is very good.”

Following America’s footsteps, you can’t even get your panties in size. You just realized it now? Too late. Now you are on your own …

– the user under the nickname guan_15852162812279 writes about the abandoned American woman.

The validity of the US passport as a valid document has expired,

– summarizes the situation “The blackest black, haha”.

Recall that the United States fled Afghanistan in a great hurry. Weapons, equipment and even service animals were thrown. On the first day of the evacuation, people, distraught with despair, even clung to the landing gear of flying planes, and then fell and fell, crashing to death. And this picture has been seen all over the world.

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