Jun 16, 2022
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Followers of the new fashion refuse dishes and eat directly from the table

people eat directly from the tableIf you don’t like washing dishes, then the new trend that is spreading on social networks may well be to your liking.

people eat directly from the table

The fashion is called “messy dinner” – and, in fact, that says it all. Having prepared food, it is enough just to pour it out on a table covered with a film. Then the whole family is saturated right from the table. As you might guess, the dishes after such a strange meal do not need to be washed.

people eat directly from the table

“Dirty Dinner” gets mixed reactions from people. Many are concerned about the film, which can be toxic and harm health. Other people do not like the lack of culture and education with such a meal – everything turns into disgusting. But there are people who are delighted with the idea, considering it fun and able to perfectly unite the whole family. It looks like the “dirty dinner” may well become a family entertainment, held from time to time, but it is not worth transferring it to a permanent basis.

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