Sep 17, 2020
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Folk omens: what should not be thrown out of the house so as not to incur trouble

Folk omens: what should not be thrown out of the house so as not to incur trouble

The house needs to be kept clean. But not everything can be thrown away. Some things have a strong connection with the energy of their owner, therefore, throwing them away can bring trouble on yourself.

In the past, people have comprehensively protected themselves and their personal belongings from other people's influence. Thanks to this, many signs and beliefs have appeared, which over time have become protective rules. To follow them or not is a private matter for everyone, but experts remind that any signs and warnings were not born from scratch. In particular, it is better to never throw away some items, so as not to incur trouble.

1. Bread and salt. Dear guests were greeted with bread and salt in Russia. These products represent satiety and prosperity, family well-being and family happiness. Our ancestors believed that it was possible to incite the wrath of higher powers if we were careless about bread and salt. Therefore, it is recommended to give the leftover bread to birds or animals. Salt can be scattered on the ground.

2. An old wallet or bag. Throwing away your wallet or bag is a bad omen. It is believed that along with these items you can throw away your money, luck and social status. In the past, a wallet or bag was disposed of in a special way - either buried under a young tree or burned. This helped not only avoid possible financial problems, but also scare away poverty.

3. Family photo albums. Photos bear the imprint of the energy of people and preserve the memory of a certain moment in their life. You can only get rid of those pictures that have nothing to do with you. If the photo shows your relatives, friends, comrades, then it is worth saving the photos as a keepsake. Even if you do not keep in touch with these people, it is very dangerous to break the connection in this way. This often ends with unpleasant consequences - illness, evil eye, black stripe. If you need to get rid of a photo, it is better to burn it and develop the ashes.

4. Baby things. In Russia, they were very careful about children's things. It was considered unacceptable to throw them in a landfill, to put them on rags. There is a belief that if you use children's clothes for dirty work, you can condemn the child to an unhappy life. Usually, rag toys, clothes for dolls were made from such things, or distributed to those who have small children.

5. Wedding dress (suit). Family life is a big responsibility. Newlyweds dream of a long and happy marriage, and in order for it to be so, wedding dresses must be protected and not given to anyone.

6. Church attributes. Prayer icons, pectoral crosses, Prayer books and Bibles are powerful personal amulets designed to protect against evil, therefore, under no circumstances should sacred things be thrown away. If it becomes necessary to say goodbye to them, take them to the temple.

7. Clock. Clocks are keepers of time, and it is known to be dangerous to waste your time. This magic item absorbs all good and bad, keeps history and memories. Throwing away working hours runs the risk of provoking disaster.

If, through negligence or ignorance, you have thrown something out of this list, then do not rush to panic. There are special practices aimed at neutralizing bad omens and their reckless actions. In addition to this, you can tie good luck to yourself with the help of various rituals, rituals and conspiracies.

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