Jun 30, 2020
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Focus with a live bill, which itself folds

Hello! In this lesson, we will teach how to show a cool trick with a live bill. The bill itself folds on the open palm, and it looks great! The secret is incredibly simple, the focus will be able to perform even the child.

Focus demonstration

The magician takes the extended bill, puts it on the open palm and she begins to fold itself in half, then again and again, as if it is alive. As a result, the money turns into a small square.


For the trick you will need a souvenir bill and a thin transparent line. We recommend to take a line not thicker than 0.1 mm, otherwise it will be noticeable. Focus should be at some distance, at least 1.5 to 2 meters.

  • Let’s prepare the bill. First, put it across, in half. Then – along, in half. And again, across. The result was a square.
  • From the corner count 3 sheets. The rest needs to be stitched. To do this, we use a thin needle and a line. The length of the line should be sufficient for you to tie its free end to the belt. After going the line in the needle, tie at the end of several knots, so that the bill did not break.

Focus with money

  • Just pierce the outside our “money square” with a needle and pull the line. We remind you that we do not stitch 3 tips of the bill. The tip with the knots of the line is on the outside of the folded bill.

trick with a bill

  • Now cut off the needle, and the free end of the line tied to the belt.
  • Turn the bill, put it on the palm, the line stretches under the money and passes from the palm between the thumb and the rest of the fingers.
  • Stretching the hand forward, the line will stretch and fold the bill.
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