Feb 16, 2021
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Focus on sports. 85 regions have joined the competition “You are in the game”

More than 2.5 thousand applications from 85 regions of Russia have been submitted for participation in the “You are in the game” competition. Sports enthusiasts from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad announced their projects. The competition is being implemented within the framework of the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”.

At present, in Russia, much attention is paid to the development of physical education and mass sports. An increase in the country’s residents who regularly go in for sports and physical activity to 55% by 2024, and by 2030 to 70% is one of the priority tasks of the federal project “Sport is the norm of life” of the national project “Demography”. The competition makes a special contribution to the development of mass sports, opening up new faces with bright sports projects.

Competition for sports enthusiasts

The large-scale project “You are in the game” involves enthusiasts who influence the surrounding urban environment, change the habits of citizens and create communities of like-minded people.

The competition is rich not only in its geography, but also in a variety of sports destinations. In addition to projects dedicated to football, hockey or athletics, traditional for Russians, those who promote less classical disciplines in Russia – for example, arm wrestling, yoga, skateboarding and much more – have also submitted applications. In addition, the competition demonstrates a wide variety of audiences – sports projects are targeted at all age groups, from preschool children to older people.

An additional “feature” of the competition is support for family projects. The organizers of the All-Russian competition “Big Change” became a partner of the competition “You are in the game” and established an additional category aimed at the development of family sports. The main prize is a trip to Moscow with a visit to the Dream Island theme park.

The winner of the “You are in the game” competition will receive 1 million rubles for the development of the project. In total, 10 projects will receive financial support within the framework of the competition.

On February 18, a popular vote will open on the website sportigra.rf. Anyone can choose their favorite sports project and vote for it.

Based on the results of the popular vote and the meeting of the expert council, a short list will be announced. After that, the accelerator will start working on the basis of the “You are in the game” competition. The members of the expert council, which includes leading managers of Russian sports, creators of successful startups and famous athletes, will conduct a series of educational events for the participants of the competition and help remove the main barriers to the successful implementation of creative ideas in the field of popular sports promotion.

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