Feb 23, 2021
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Five unfortunate names for children

Five unfortunate names for children

It would seem that the name is just a set of sounds. However, these sounds carry a huge flow of information, a certain energy, which subsequently affects our destiny. The name has a huge impact on a person’s character: it can soften or strengthen certain features.

This is an important component of a person’s personality. Therefore, you need to be responsible when choosing a name for your child.

Since ancient times, people have carefully approached the choice of a name, because a person has to live with him a whole life. The name must be considered from all sides: how it will sound, combine with the surname, what it means. After all, every detail leaves its mark on the fate of a person. Marianna Abravitova, a famous psychologist, tarologist and clairvoyant, told what to avoid when choosing a name for a child.

Negative associations

If your name is associated with a person who brought negative emotions, you should not give it to your child. Even if someone from the family insists on it. Here one cannot deviate from one’s convictions. The fact is that, without even realizing it, you will transfer the negative experience from the past to your child. According to the psychic, this can badly affect the fate of the baby and your relationship with him.

Before naming a child, remember all the people you know with the chosen name. Think about what your name is associated with, what emotions it evokes. If there is even the slightest doubt, then it is better to give it up.

Combination of sounds

It is important to think about how the name sounds in combination with the last name and patronymic. If your last name contains growling sounds, then a soft name will not sound right. This immediately causes dissonance, such names are more difficult to perceive.

The same situation with the middle name. No frills are needed, if the middle name is tough and cumbersome, then it is better to choose a short name. For example, Alexander Dmitrievich sounds complicated. Annoying combinations cause conflict with others. This is especially evident in school, children often do not think about the personal qualities of a classmate, but see in him only the bearer of an overly complex and dissonant name.

Historical names

This refers to the names of those people whom history remembered as villains. Such names have absorbed all the negative energy of past events, they will not bring a person anything good. And in society, such a name is unlikely to be perceived normally. For example, a boy named Adolf is unlikely to cause a stormy admiration among those around him, no matter what country he is born in.


In no case should a child be given the name of a person who passed away early. Often, parents call their baby the name of a relative or even an older child they have lost. This is a kind of way to cope with loss. But this is a big mistake. At the level of your perception, there is a substitution. Parents begin to perceive the baby as the embodiment of the deceased. This is bad for the fate of the child.

Disputes often arise about whether a child can be named after grandparents. The clairvoyant assures that if they have lived a long life, then, of course, they can.

Exotic names

Do not give your children names that are out of touch with the local culture. So you program the child’s mind that he is a stranger in society. In addition, think about how such a name will be combined with a surname and patronymic. For example, Jessica Petrovna is completely absurd. Even if you really like a foreign name, think: how can a child live with it?

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