Nov 22, 2021
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Five Tips to Effortlessly Cut Your Sugar Intake

Five Tips to Effortlessly Cut Your Sugar Intake

Many fruits and berries have enough natural sweetness

Sugar abuse is unhealthy, but it is very difficult to overcome sugar addiction without expert advice.
Five tips from American nutrition expert Jane Williams will help you overcome your unhealthy sugar cravings.

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking enough fluids is important to prevent sugar cravings. More water throughout the day means you have less room for snacks, including sugary ones. You can add lemon, strawberries, orange slices to your drink.

2. Look for sugar in foods

Pay attention to food labels, most of them contain added sugar. This also applies to “healthy” foods such as granola and cereal bars.

3. Be more active

Exercise makes you feel better and happier. Even a 15-minute workout will help increase blood and oxygen flow, boost energy and mood, and therefore reduce the body’s need for sugar.

4. Get rid of toxic emotions

Many people resort to so-called “emotional eating” when other areas of their lives are not meeting their needs. Sugar delights the brain, but the effect is short-lived. Do what makes you feel good and leaves less room for sugar-laden foods or toxic relationships.

5. Choose naturally sweet foods
When you cut back on sugar, don’t be afraid to add naturally sugary foods like fruits and berries to your diet. This way you will not feel marginalized as there are sweeter, tastier and healthier natural substitutes in your diet.

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