Nov 23, 2021
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Five reasons why cucumbers do not grow on the windowsill

Five reasons why cucumbers do not grow on the windowsill

Five reasons why cucumbers do not grow on the windowsill

Growing your own crispy cucumbers is a dream of many

You can even get a good harvest of cucumbers in your apartment. But for this you have to try.
The processes of growing cucumbers on the windowsill and outdoors in the country are always different. However, many novice gardeners forget about this and try to care for the climbing shoots in the old fashioned way. You shouldn’t do that. After all, each method has its own characteristics and secrets.

Seedlings grow poorly. Often the reason for this is improper care of seeds and young shoots. First, the seeds should be planted in peat cups. And only when the seedlings are at least 5 cm in height, transplant them into the main pot or box. If at the same time you want to use the earth from the street, then by all means calcine it at a high temperature in the oven (from 120 degrees) for 30 minutes in order to destroy possible pathogens.

The ovaries do not develop. Perhaps the reason is that in this variety of cucumbers, pollination occurs only with the help of bees or other insects. For a home garden on the windowsill, these are not suitable. Therefore, when choosing seeds in the store, ask for varieties that do not require pollination.

Only barren flowers appear on plants. This variety is most likely not suitable for window growing. If the variety is self-pollinated, then the temperature on the balcony or in the room is not suitable. Too cold (below +14 C) and too hot air (above +32 C) does not dispose to ovaries. Too thick foliage, too much shade and heavy soil also lead to the formation of barren flowers.

Many yellow spots on the leaves. These are manifestations of bacteriosis. Its cause is high humidity or a lack of heated air. To return the green color to the leaves, they should be sprayed with a dark pink solution of potassium permanganate.

No harvest. Most likely, you are watering the cucumbers incorrectly: the water should be free of chlorinated impurities. For these purposes, use only settled, rain or filtered water.

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