Nov 1, 2021
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Five plants that lure wealth into your home

Five plants that lure wealth into your home

If you believe folk signs, wealth can be attracted into the house by growing certain indoor plants.

If you want to be rich, get the “right” indoor flowers in your house. It turns out that green friends are able not only to purify the air, saturate it with oxygen and delight with their beauty and aroma, but also attract money and success to their owners.

Indoor bamboo (Dracaena Sander). This plant also attracts flower growers with its extreme unpretentiousness: it requires minimal maintenance. In return, bamboo will give the owner money, longevity, health and will attract financial success into his life.

Mint. Connoisseurs of aromatic tea love her very much. However, mint, it turns out, can not only have a calming effect on a person, but also provide him with good luck. For the omen to work for sure, several coins should be placed next to the pot.

“Money tree” (fat woman). There is an opinion: the longer the fat woman lives in the house and the thicker its stem, the more significant its “contribution” to the prosperity of the owner. But for the omen to work, before transplanting a plant into a beautiful pot, do not forget to put a coin on the bottom.

Azalea. This plant can have a positive effect not only on the owner’s financial condition, but also on his physical health. Even a few minutes spent next to a plant can significantly improve your mood and bring back the joy of life.

Lemon Tree. According to experts in oriental philosophy, it will certainly bring prosperity to the house where it grows. If the owner provides him with decent care, he will regularly water and wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

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