Sep 2, 2021
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Five Key Truths About Covid That Could Save Us From Self-Destruction

American doctors talk about alternatives to dangerous vaccinations

For several months I have been following the speeches of foreign doctors on the topic “COVID-19 and the fight against it.” Most of the well-known physicians with the titles of academicians, professors, doctors of science, decades of scientific and practical work behind them, a large number of publications, to put it mildly, are worried about the virus vaccination campaign unfolded in the world.

These specialists are usually opposed by younger and, accordingly, less experienced specialists, their argumentation is more meager, and most importantly, it does not rely on the necessary data that can dispel the doubts of vaccination critics. First of all, data on the results of clinical trials of those drugs that are used for vaccinations. Surprisingly, there is not even a comprehensive understanding of the composition of these drugs.

Almost all vaccine advocates have the following argument. Yes, any vaccine can have some side effects, but they are minimal and cannot be compared with the number of lives saved. Vaccines are the most effective weapon against the virus, there is no alternative to them.

Maybe, really, there is no alternative to them?

I looked again from this angle on the speeches of the most famous critics of current vaccination and saw that almost all of them offer one or another alternative. And in this they are very similar. The two main alternatives boil down to the following.

The first – strengthening the immunity of people. This is a method that insures not only against the COVID-19 virus, but also against any other infection. For some reason, WHO, the ministries of health, and the leading media are silent about this universal and old, like the world, alternative today.

The second – development and practical application of effective methods of treating infected people. For some reason, this alternative is also in the shadows.

I will dwell on the second alternative in more detail, based on the speeches of two very authoritative American physicians – a doctor of medicine Peter McCullough and a doctor Vladimir Zelenko

Dr. Peter McCullough (Dr. Peter A. McCullough) Is a cardiologist, specialist in internal medicine, epidemiologist and academic researcher. Editor-in-chief of two medical journals. Author of about 1000 scientific publications, including over 600 peer-reviewed publications registered with the US National Library of Medicine. McCullough is the founder and current president of the Cardio-Renal Society of America. He was a consultant to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Was a member or chairman of the monitoring commissions for 24 randomized clinical trials (conducted to assess the effectiveness and safety of medicines).

Shows great interest in the topic of COVID-19. I managed to make more than 45 publications on this topic. Supervised the treatment of more than 100 diagnosed patients COVID-19and has also consulted hundreds of other patients with a similar diagnosis around the world. Developed a protocol for treating patients with such a diagnosis. It has not been recommended for official use by US health authorities, but it is known to be used by many private practitioners.

Dr. McCullough believes that tens of thousands of deaths of those who have contracted the virus could have been avoided if the US authorities had not introduced absurd quarantine regimes. Regimes that had no medical sense and even aggravated the epidemiological situation in the country. Isolation (“voluntary self-isolation”) of tens of millions of citizens in whom infection was not accompanied by any symptoms (“asymptomatic” citizens) was sheer stupidity. Last year, Dr. Peter McCullough developed a method for early detection of signs of the disease (not to be confused with PCR tests). Moreover, in two versions – for ordinary citizens (method of self-identification) and for professionals (doctors). And also the method of early treatment (at home), which can stop the process, prevent the phase of a serious illness. The use of early identification and early treatment, according to McCullough, would reduce the number of coronavirus patients sent to the hospital by 85%!

Last year, there were some hopes that McCullough’s proposals would be heard by the authorities and taken into account when organizing the fight against COVID-19. The doctor received an invitation from the senator Ron Johnson to testify at the hearings of the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs on the treatment of COVID-19. On November 19, 2020, Dr. McCullough testified in the US Senate regarding early outpatient treatment for high-risk COVID-19 patients. Then in his speech there were no attacks on vaccines (the question of vaccination was not yet in a practical plane).

Dr. McCullough’s other politically significant speech was his testimony before a Texas Senate committee in March 2021. Here he has already spoken out very harshly about the universal vaccination campaign unfolded in the United States.

McCullough said that people under the age of 50 (with some exceptions), as well as those who have had COVID-19, do not need vaccinations. And he called for the prompt identification of those persons who had the first symptoms of the disease, using medical devices against them that can block the transition of the disease to a severe form.

Ten days after this speech, the Texas authorities passed a law obliging state medical institutions to educate citizens and provide them promptly with information about early (proactive) treatment in case of the first symptoms of the disease. The testimony of Dr. McCullough in the Texas Senate was posted on Youtube in the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and had over 200,000 views. Subsequently, the video was removed. Now the mention of him can be found on social networks.

In a concise and uncensored form, Dr. McCullough’s position is outlined in the article The five key Covid truths that could have saved us from self-destruction.), published on August 11 in the English edition of TCW Defending Freedom (until recently called Conservative woman). These are the “key truths”.

The first… Individuals who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 disease are not carriers of the viral infection. The carriers are only those who have symptoms of the disease.

Second. Testing for “asymptomatic” patients should be discontinued.

Third… Natural immunity is strong, sufficient and durable (in principle, it can be maintained until the end of a person’s life). In any case, it protects a person immeasurably more reliably than the artificial immunity created by vaccination. “A person with natural immunity can approach a person with Covid-19 disease, take a strong cough in the face from the latter, while he will not get sick.”

Fourth… Covid-19 is easily treatable at home with simple, affordable medicines. The most important thing is to identify the disease at an early stage and take urgent measures to block it.

Fifth… Current Covid vaccines (AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer, Modern) are ineffective, especially against newer strains. They do not give any guarantee that after the injection, the person will receive protection from the virus. Moreover, due to the record number of deaths and injuries reported after injections, they should be considered “Unsafe and unusable people”… The article describes the number of deaths and hospitalizations after vaccinations in the United States – 100 thousand people.

I will add that at the beginning of the summer, Dr. McCullough named the number of deaths in the United States from vaccinations – 50 thousand people. This is several times more than the number of deaths from vaccinations, which by this time were registered in the official information system. VAERS… However, today, according to VAERS, in the United States, 13 thousand people died from vaccinations. Dr. McCullough, like many other American doctors, notes that the US authorities repeatedly underestimate the mortality rate and side effects of vaccinations.

It is clear that McCullough’s speeches are causing a strong negative reaction from vaccinators. He is credited with what he did not say. He is not the principled opponent of vaccination, as is presented in many media. According to McCullough, vaccines are only one of the means, it does not need to be absolutized. This remedy should be used carefully, after a comprehensive examination of the patient. It is noteworthy that McCullough is referring specifically to vaccines, and not drugs that are used in the United States and have the status of “experimental”.

Disputes with McCullough, his opponents take away from the main thing. For example, they question the drugs that the doctor has used and is using to treat patients diagnosed with COVID-19. McCullough proposes to conduct in-depth clinical studies of these (and other) drugs, but for some reason his proposals do not find support …

A well-known American physician speaks in about the same vein. Vladimir Zelenko, a native of Soviet Ukraine. He gained particular fame last year when he began to treat people with a diagnosis COVID-19… Under his leadership, 6 thousand patients were treated, no one died. The patients of Vladimir Zelenko were the American President Donald Trump, Israeli Minister of Health Yaakov Litsaman, President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro… Zelenko has trained hundreds of doctors, who, in turn, train students …

Vladimir Zelenko is an Orthodox Jew. One of his last speeches (in August 2021) is a video in which the doctor communicates via video link with three rabbis – members of the Rabbinical Court. Zelenko explains to his interlocutors that the US authorities are pursuing a dangerous medical policy. That by declaring war on the virus COVID-19, on the contrary, they are killing the people. The Israeli authorities are pursuing the same policy.

As a doctor, Zelenko says that there is no need to try to treat everyone who is infected. If a person gets sick with a diagnosis of COVID-19, then most likely he has some initial problems with immunity. Even if symptoms of the disease appear, the body can in most cases cope with the disease without special treatment (although medical supervision of such a person is necessary). Zelenko, as an experienced doctor, knows the limit to which medical intervention in the course of the disease is not needed. He believes that the treatment of people diagnosed with COVID-19 in America is very poorly delivered. The correct treatment regimen (on time started treatment, the right drugs, the regimen of their intake) could reduce the number of severe cases and deaths by 85%. There is a special “Zelenko protocol” that is widely used by the followers of the doctor in America and abroad.

Zelenko strongly opposes vaccination, which undermines the natural immunity of a person. He calls the plans of the administration complete madness. Joe Biden start mass vaccination of children and adolescents. Zlenko refers to the official American statistics CDC (US Center for Disease Control and Prevention), which shows that in the group “children and adolescents under 18”, the percentage of survival without treatment among patients with COVID-19 is 99.998%!

Zelenko considers the desire to vaccinate those who have already been ill with COVID-19 no less madness: “Those who have had Covid-19 have antibodies produced by their natural immune system, and they are billions of times more effective than artificial immunity through a vaccine.”

Vladimir Zelenko does not come across as crazy. He also worries about his health: one of his lungs was removed during cancer treatment, and chemotherapy has weakened his immune system. He will be in the high-risk category in the case of coronavirus infection. “I have eight children and I still want to live, – the doctor admits. “So I’m personally interested in finding a solution.”

It is not surprising that Vladimir Zelenko is being obstructed by vaccinators in both the United States and Israel. However, criticism against him again comes down to things that are not the most important. For example, the drugs he uses to treat his patients are being questioned. Meanwhile, Vladimir Zelenko, like Peter McCullough, proposes to prioritize the development and testing of not vaccines, but the drugs he tested. Alas, the US authorities and American pharmaceutical companies have different priorities.

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