Aug 2, 2022
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Five brave and indomitable Nancy Pelosi

Big politics in the US are beginning to be determined by obsolete exhibits with the mindset of political mummies

With some extraordinary excitement and anticipation of a big show, the world and Russian media are following the route of travel in Asia by the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, not young (82 years old!) Nancy Pelosi.

This indomitable Democratic Party warrior is raising a storm in a teacup with all her might. She decided to put herself on the altar of Taiwanese freedom and democracy, and at the same time the freedom of the whole world, by invading the island part of the sovereign territory of the PRC, as it was repeatedly stated in Beijing, without the permission of the official Chinese authorities and even despite their warnings against such an act.

For her part, Nancy Pelosi believes that her visit to the island of Taiwan will set an example of the strong upholding of the “basic values” of Western civilization. The American warrior does not experience any doubts about the legitimacy of her actions. Together with the brave Nancy, five more courageous Democratic senators, who had not previously been widely known, went on a dangerous cruise, which prompted them to such an exotic way to increase their personal rating.

The American Six, in all likelihood, proceeds from the fact that China will limit itself to verbal warnings and retreat before the determination and pressure of the American people’s deputies. And here the Americans underestimate an important point.

China today is the second superpower with sufficient means to maintain its superpower status. A world war due to trouble happening to Nancy Pelosi and company flying over Taiwan will not start, and will not do without trouble. Up to the forced landing of a plane with American citizens on the mainland with their further extradition to the United States. The brave senators apparently didn’t think about what a forced landing of an airplane looks like in practice. Not all passengers can adequately endure the paths of automatic cannon shots parallel to a flying ship and its convulsive zigzags in the airspace. Therefore, their personal rating will remain in question. Moreover, there will be a group of journalists next to the senators, and these are unreliable people. They will tell the truth no matter how you ask them.

However, let’s wait for developments. While Nancy Pelosi threatens Beijing from Malaysia, and, according to the latest reports, the plane with the American delegation took off towards Taiwan. Gaining courage. True, it should be assumed that it is more profitable for Beijing to carry out a forced landing not on approach, but during departure from the island. Then the Chinese side will have additional political arguments for the logical conclusion of this episode.

And no matter how the adventures of Nancy Pelosi and her companions in Asia end, the way these adventures develop speaks of the main thing: that big politics in the United States are beginning to be determined by expired exhibits with the thinking of political mummies.

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