Jun 26, 2021
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First Deputy Defense Minister examined the Zelenograd synchrotron

First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Ruslan Tsalikov paid a working visit to Zelenograd. He visited the Research Institute of Physical Problems named after V.I. Lukin, where in the coming years they are going to launch a ring accelerator of charged particles.

Tsalikov was accompanied by Deputy Defense Minister Pavel Popov and a group of generals and officers of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. At the institute, they were shown the engineering and production building of the technological storage complex with the Zelenograd synchrotron, the Defense Ministry said. After getting acquainted with the educational and material base, the working group took part in a meeting on the use of the engineering and production building and the prospects for introducing advanced scientific developments into the program of innovative development of the military technopolis “ERA”.

The military technopolis “ERA” is located on the sea coast in Anapa. It conducts research in 16 scientific areas, most of which cover the subject area of ​​information technology. Including – informatics and computer technology, technical vision and pattern recognition, robotics, automated control systems and telecommunication technologies.

The synchrotron (ring accelerator of charged particles) began to be built in Zelenograd in 1984 on the basis of the N.N. Lukin in the Northern Industrial Zone. Its test launch took place only in 2002, and in 2003, the Synchrotron Shared Use Center was created there. In the period from 2002 to 2012, the main units of the storage complex for energies up to 2 GeV were installed. The synchrotron is designed for 37 radiation output channels and is designed to solve the problems of X-ray lithography, analytics and metrology, as well as testing the element base of electronics, bioelectronics and integral photonics, according to the website of the Kurchatov Institute, which has been the head institution of the Zelenograd Research Institute since 2020.

Until recently, there were plans to move the synchrotron blocks from Zelenograd to Russky Island in Vladivostok, but then the leadership of the Kurchatov Institute proposed to keep it in the same place and create a center of the Moscow Technological Valley on the basis of the Zelenograd Research Institute. The synchrotron is now fully assembled and is in a high degree of readiness, said Yulia Dyakova, Deputy Director of the Kurchatov Institute for Research, at a meeting with Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in May 2021. According to her, the institute is ready to launch the synchrotron by the end of 2023 and begin not only research, but also the implementation of the results in industry – in particular, in the field of creating new drugs. To implement these plans, federal and regional financial investments are required. Prime Minister Mishustin promised to provide funding.

Image: Model of the Zelenograd synchrotron. Shot of the TV channel “Zvezda”

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