Sep 22, 2022
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First date started at a restaurant and ended at a strip club

date ended in a strip clubAfter meeting a certain man on the Internet, Gabriella Miller went on a date with a new boyfriend, which went rather strangely.

date ended in a strip club

However, at first everything went well – the couple had a wonderful lunch in a good restaurant. But towards the end of the evening, the man became emotional and began to “dump” the whole drama of his life onto the woman, starting almost from childhood. Gabriella had already decided that this was the first and last date with the bore, but then everything became even more interesting. The cavalier admitted that he also had a meeting with friends in a strip club planned for the evening, after which he invited the lady to join. The mood of our heroine at that moment can be described as “why not, it won’t get any worse”, so she really went to the club. After that, the lady could only be surprised at her ridiculous first date, but she experienced real amazement the next day, when she received a message from her boyfriend. The man wrote that he really liked Gabriella, so he wants to date her until she leaves him.

date ended in a strip club

The story of our heroine both surprised and amused Internet users. Some even suggested that going to a strip club was a kind of casting that a man arranges for all his new girls. But this is not too important for Gabriella, because she is not going to change her decision, and the unfortunate suitor is over.

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