Nov 24, 2021
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First COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents registered in Russia

“Today, permission has been received to use Sputnik in the children’s population,” Logunov said.

The vaccine was developed by scientists of the center. Gamalea and contains 1/5 of the dosage of “Sputnik V” for adults. The first and second phases of clinical trials of the drug took place last summer, and the results allowed us to draw conclusions about its high efficacy and safety.

Clinical trials of the vaccine with the participation of 3 thousand Moscow schoolchildren began in early November in 10 clinics and two hospitals in the capital. The control group will include 600 adolescents who will receive the vaccine after 28 days of research, after which they will continue to be monitored according to the research plan.

The timing of the start of mass vaccination of adolescents has not yet been announced. Aleksey Kuznetsov, Assistant to the Minister of Health, assured that the vaccination will be done only on a voluntary basis with the consent of the parents or guardians. First Deputy Head of the Ministry of Health Viktor Fisenko asked the Russians not to give up this opportunity.

“I would like to urge parents to participate as much as possible in this vaccination (adolescents from 12 to 17 years old), taking into account its safety,” the official said on the air of the Russia-24 TV channel.

Fisenko stressed that schoolchildren are the main carriers of the coronavirus and sources of infection for their older relatives.

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