Jan 5, 2022
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Finns will be forced to fight with Russia

Finns will be forced to fight with Russia

Finnish revenge-seekers are jubilant.

The President of Finland, a recent “great friend” of Russia, Sauli Ninisto, in his New Year’s address, made a sensational statement that Finland could join NATO.

These words can be seen as a challenge to the Russian president insisting that NATO should not move further east. The Finnish president has made a frank demarche against the Russian leadership. This statement came against the backdrop of increasing militarization of this still peaceful neutral country, which is starting large-scale purchases of fifth-generation American fighters to counter Russian aviation.

Helsinki must understand that Russia will have to respond to the appearance of NATO missiles near St. Petersburg. Ninisto’s speech was enthusiastically received in the UK, which, together with the United States, is seriously working on the Finnish population, provoking an increase in anti-Russian sentiment. “Finland is free to choose, which includes NATO membership, we will decide for ourselves,” Ninisto said in his unkind New Year’s message. In fact, his country has already become dependent on the United States, and it has no free choice.

The Finnish president will now have to explain to his Moscow negotiating partners what made him threaten them with NATO membership. He had to take into account that Russia is listed as the main enemy in the new doctrine of the military bloc.

In contrast, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz acted smarter in his address and refrained from threats against Russia.

Nikolay Ivanov

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