Jun 14, 2022
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Finns complain: because of the sanctions have to fly through the North Pole

“Bypassing Russia” is too expensive for Finland

At the end of February, Russia closed its airspace as part of retaliatory sanctions related to the events in Ukraine for 36 countries. Finland has been hit particularly hard by this measure, according to a Finnish newspaper. Evening paper.

Since the beginning of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, flights from Finland and through Finland to Asia and back have significantly decreased. Since many flights from the Netherlands and Denmark to Asia passed through the airspace of Finland – it received income in the form of air navigation fees – says the author of the article Rippy’s Secret (Sirri Rimppi).

At the end of February, Russia closed its airspace as part of retaliatory sanctions related to the events in Ukraine for 36 countries.  Finland has suffered especially hard from this measure, writes the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti.

Head of Dispatch Service Matts-Anders Nyberg (Matts-Anders Nyberg) laments that “Due to the flight ban, we are losing almost one and a half million euros every month, which we could have received from air navigation charges.”

Finnish planes do not fly through the Russian Federation, and flights are made from Russia through the Gulf of Finland to Kaliningrad. Only with the payment of navigation fees there are problems. The Russians do not pay for them – states Evening paper.

“Part of the reason is that Russian planes fly so low that it is impossible to write off the necessary amounts. Some use so-called “controlled airspace, Nyberg says: Despite the fact that we send invoices, no one has paid them yet.”

As a result of the airspace closure, Finnair is forced to operate flights to Asia bypassing Russia. The duration of flights has increased by several hours. Previously, it was possible to fly back and forth to Asian countries in a day. This made it possible to use aircraft efficiently.

Now flights pass through the Caucasus and the North Pole.

I also had to change routes to Singapore and Bangkok. Flight time increased, and fuel consumption increased accordingly.

The northern route to Asia is faster than the southern route, but not always suitable. There are limiting factors. For example, the activity of volcanoes in Kamchatka and the sun.

“If the sun is too bright, the radio won’t work. Every day we make a decision before the flight whether it is possible to fly”Hiitola says.

In addition, there are no airfields at the North Pole – for an emergency landing in an emergency.

European airspace is now congested. Airlines are forced to use the most optimal routes.

“The eastern part of Poland is closed for flights. This means that the route must be built to the west, but then you have to go through German airspace, which is also busy now, ” – Italechti.

Our comment: The reason for the article in Iltalehti is another evidence of what the sanctions policy against Russia and support for Ukraine, which is ready to fight in the interests of others, leads to. It’s only the beginning.

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