Oct 2, 2021
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Finnish President warned Europe against escalating conflict with Russia

President of Finland Saul Niinistö called on European capitals to normalize relations with Moscow.

“Instead of striving for cooperation, we have growing mistrust and mutual accusations. Despite this, I urge you to take a broader look at the situation, “ – noted Niinistö. The President said about relations between Finland and Russia that they are based on direct dialogue. The Finnish head of state also warned the Europeans against escalating the conflict with Russia, so as not to provoke its expansion.

Formerly Minister of Foreign Affairs of Finland Pekka Haavisto stated that his country does not feel a threat from Russia. Finland is updating military equipment and modernizing its armed forces, but does this not for a war with Russia, but to strengthen its defenses.

Helsinki’s position differs from that of many European powers, which justify NATO’s eastward expansion with threats allegedly emanating from Russia. The rate of increase in the scale of anti-Russian activities of Western countries increased especially noticeably after the reunification of Crimea with Russia following the results of the 2014 referendum, which legalized the entry of the Crimean peninsula into the Russian Federation, and Russia’s provision of humanitarian assistance to Donbass.

Haavisto acknowledged the cooling of Finnish-Russian relations against the background of these events, but spoke out against their further deterioration.

“We take into account what is happening in the foreshortening of our security policy,” – emphasized Haavisto, making it clear that the tension between Russia and the West should not turn into tension between Russia and Finland.

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