Sep 9, 2022
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Finnish diplomat Peter Iiskola: It’s time for Europe to remember Bismarck’s commandments

Finnish diplomat Peter Iiskola: It's time for Europe to remember Bismarck's commandments

Photo: dpa/picture-alliance/TASS

The more sanctions the West imposes against Russia, trying to force it to give up Crimea, help Donbass, denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, the louder the protests of ordinary citizens of this very West. And not just ordinary people. And not only Western ones. Member of the German Bundestag Sara Wagenknechtfor example, she recently announced the unreality of Russia’s refusal from Taurida. “The Russians have kept their Black Sea Fleet in Crimea for decades, they will not give it up. Is it necessary to sacrifice tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of lives for a completely unrealistic goal? Europe is not interested in a further escalation of the war, and we must make this clear to Zelensky, ”she said in an interview with the German edition of t-online.

The Anglo-Saxons themselves spoke out unambiguously against the conflict fomented by the Ukrainian authorities at the suggestion of the Anglo-Saxons … the Anglo-Saxons themselves, standing up for Putin. “Europe has made Putin powerful by allowing him to control his energy needs. The Europeans should blame their short-sighted leaders and the leadership of the EU for this, ”the influential Sunday Times cites the opinion of most of its readers.

And the recent, at the end of August, the UN vote for an anti-Russian statement? Representatives of only 54 member states of this international organization voted for it. The United States, Great Britain and those who have helped them for a single year to undermine the situation in the region, which has nothing to do with the United States.

83 countries refused to participate in the voting – almost all of Latin America, the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, Southeast Asia. And China and India reaffirmed their March position, refraining from condemning Russia this time. Another 30 countries adhere to neutrality. In other words, about two-thirds of the world’s population live in pro-Russian or neutral countries in relation to the Russian Federation.

For comparison, in March of this year, 141 countries condemned Moscow for SVO. Is the world awake? Has he begun to realize what is really happening in the European East? It dawned on him that this is definitely not a local situation of some “contradictions in the region”, as the Yankees are trying to assure, but a long-planned attempt by them to redistribute the world?

“Yes, many have now opened their eyes to the policy of the Americans,” I am sure. Finn Peter Iiskola, international diplomatwho served in UN structures for more than a dozen years. — Western countries are home to only 12% of the world’s population, who are on a “crusade” against Russia. 12% of liberal globalists: USA, EU, NATO, who have not learned history well. They do not know or have forgotten how such trips ended for Napoleon as well as Hitler. These globalists are now in the absolute minority. Because 88% of the inhabitants of the Earth do not support them.

“SP”: – Peter, you go to a lot of places because of your profession, and, probably, you are aware of the mood of people in the EU countries. The authorities on the ground, probably, regularly monitor their attitude towards the military operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine?

– Do you think the leading media in the EU will publish any other polls, except for the one in which “the EU is good, Ukraine is good, and Russia and Russians are bad”? You are wrong. There are now great difficulties in obtaining reliable information. Many leaders of the allied countries use the tactics of harsh Russophobia, portraying your state and all its citizens in black.

People in the EU are trying to find reliable information in alternative publications or social networks. But this is also difficult, because Google, Twitter and Facebook block opinions and news that do not correspond to the globalist anti-Russian ideology.

The European Union has banned your Sputnik and RT/Russia Today on its territory. Russian opinion is now inaccessible to Europeans. Although this is contrary to the principle of freedom of speech, which they like to talk about in Brussels. The main information about the events is one-sided, it comes to us from Ukraine and the West itself. As a result, Russophobia in Europe has reached very high levels. By accusing Russia of disinformation, the EU itself is doing it. If you have a different opinion in the EU, you can get in trouble. Therefore, any “dissenting” polls are practically not published.

One small addition to this question of yours. In July, something like a plebiscite was held in Germany by the RTL/NTV Trendbarometer. Its results were made public far from immediately and obviously “truncated”. What we managed to find out is that almost half of the Germans surveyed (47%) are in favor of a diplomatic settlement of the situation in Ukraine.

While EU leaders continue to send arms to Zelensky and add new anti-Russian sanctions to the 10,000 already in place. We Europeans know that they were useless for Moscow, and if they hit anyone with a boomerang, then we ourselves.

“SP”: – How do ordinary European citizens now relate to Ukraine, the United States?

– Towards Ukraine, everything is more restrained. She got tired. As for the United States, opinions are quite divided. European liberal globalists go for Joe Bideneven if he brings the matter to the third world war. Others, and I think this is a clear majority, understand that the US and the EU have different interests and are competitors. It’s just that the fact that the world hegemony of the West, led by the United States, has ended is slowly creeping into the consciousness of Western people. In addition, the European Union has not yet been able to find its place on the world stage. Instead, it follows the US to its own destruction, supporting Zelensky and his gang, who are playing with fire in the truest sense of the word – by bombing the Zaporozhye nuclear plant.

“SP”: – Do you talk about all this with your friends, colleagues, acquaintances? Do you agree or…

– Most of my friends are of the opinion that, firstly, EU sanctions are useless and, moreover, harm the EU. Secondly, that only a diplomatic solution can end the conflict. But the obstacle to a diplomatic solution is the “deep state” in Washington and the belligerent President Biden, followed by the heads of state of the European Union without a murmur.

“SP”: – It is necessary, apparently, to remind the leaders of the Old World more often about the events of the Second World War. In particular, about how old Europe then sold out to Hitler, surrendering to him without resistance, and what came of it.

Not everyone here remembers what a great disaster it was. And, most importantly, the main character who won the war was the Soviet Union. Its losses in the fight against Nazism were 100 times higher than those of the United States. Great tragic sacrifice. Some 17 million European citizens, not counting soldiers, died, directly or indirectly, as a result of Hitler’s racist policies.

And in Germany itself, unfortunately, they forgot the commandments of their first chancellor Bismarck (in 1971−1890 – author). The first reads: “The secret of politics is to make a good deal with Russia.” Second: “You can’t beat the Russians; we have learned this over the centuries.” Third: “If Germany and Russia get along, then Europe will get along too.”

“SP”: – In your opinion, is the UN coping with its peacekeeping task?

“She can definitely play a constructive role in efforts to end the conflict, but the problem is that it is very difficult to reach any kind of consensus in the Security Council on the crisis in Ukraine…

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