Jan 13, 2022
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Financier Ganelin taught to choose reliable assets for deposits

Every person dreams of receiving income from investments without risks. How to choose assets that will not let the investor down, said financier Mikhail Ganelin.

First of all, the expert advised to build a line of assets from less to more risky. The safest way to invest is to keep funds on deposit in a bank. And in order to receive a guaranteed return, it makes sense to look for a deposit with a good rate. Investors should also look at bonds, Prime writes.

“The yield on OFZ today is comparable to deposits and is about 8.5-9%. But these assets are liquid: you can return the money at any time – unlike a deposit, where, in order to receive interest, you usually have to keep money throughout the entire term of the deposit, ”Ganelin explained.

Stocks are the riskiest option. But here is the important dividend yield. It can range from seven to 15% per year. The expert warned that the share price is in danger of falling, especially in times of crisis.

The other day, Russian banks began to offer registration of deposits at ten percent per annum when making money for a short period or large amounts. The rates have already been raised by Moscow Credit Bank, Gazprombank and Promsvyazbank.

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