Oct 26, 2021
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Financial Times: Western media are biased towards Russia and Putin


Financial Times: Western media are biased towards Russia and Putin
Federal news agency

Over the past 20 years, Western media have taken a biased approach to news stories about Russia and its President Vladimir Putin. Brenton stressed that any topic becomes a pretext for accusations by the Russian authorities. European and American journalists are not shy and present their point of view as an irrefutable truth.

This is what Dominique Moysy did, he published an article with the headline “France and Britain should be ashamed of their childhood quarrels.” The FT columnist blames Russia for creating an energy crisis in Europe without trying to consider other opinions.

Brenton believes there is ample evidence to refute this news. For example, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that Gazprom was fulfilling its obligations, while the Russian company was supplying more gas than was planned. At the same time, Moscow comes to the aid of European countries even in the conditions of difficult relations between the West and Russia.

“The strangeness of our approach lies in the fact that we seem to expect that Russia will provide us with gas surpluses at a reasonable price, but at the same time we perceive the new Nord Stream 2 pipeline with hostility, although it would have helped us with delivery,” Brenton.

Earlier in NewInform: German political scientist Alexander Rahr said that the loss of Russia by Germany would lead to catastrophic consequences.

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