Oct 15, 2020
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Financial forecast of Vasilisa Volodina: who will be lucky in money in November and December 2020

Financial forecast of Vasilisa Volodina: who will be lucky in money in November and December 2020

People are always waiting for financial forecasts: this area for most of us is important and relevant. Vasilisa Volodina spoke about who is lucky in money in late autumn and early winter.

On her official website, Vasilisa Volodina talked about which three large groups can be divided into all people in terms of financial success in November-December. She does this not by the Zodiac Sign, but by the date of birth.

People from the first group will receive more money than the rest. For them, financial flows will be the most favorable and strongest. Accidental profits, sudden rises are possible. The astrologer notes that opportunities can appear out of nowhere. Each of them is worth clinging to.

It will be very useful to do teamwork. For help, you will have to turn to friends, colleagues and relatives. If your date of birth is in any of the periods described in the picture, then you should pay attention to new technologies. Very lucky for those who are engaged in creativity and the development of new ideas. You can look for a job, start a business, change hobbies and wait for profits.

The second group includes those people who are expected to increase their earnings. You need to focus on your responsibilities and the work you already have. Profits will grow if you do not give up assigned tasks and devote yourself to business as often as possible.

Vasilisa Volodina notes that people from the second group can get their old debts back. November-December will be the perfect time to negotiate a pay raise or career advancement with your boss.

People in the third group will have more hope than results. However, financial fortune will affect their lives too. They can also earn money, especially if they work in the service sector, in medicine, and psychology.

The astrologer strongly advises everyone who is in the third group not to postpone important matters for later. Also, do not achieve your goals dishonestly. It's important to remember the boomerang law.

If you find yourself not in one, but in two or three groups at once, then this is very good. This suggests that your opportunities will be much broader. The astrologer also advises not to be upset for those who could not find their date of birth in any of the groups. Look into horoscopes and do not forget to use money charms.

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