Jan 25, 2021
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"Finally ohameli": Rogozin answered McFaul in pure Russian and got banned from Facebook

The Facebook page of the general director of Roscosmos was blocked this morning for allegedly “violating community norms.” Dmitry Rogozin commented on this event in an interview with RIA Novosti, saying that this is “freedom of speech” in the American way.

The reason turned out to be in a post that Rogozin wrote in response to McFaul’s tweet, in which the former US Ambassador to Russia demands the release of Alexei Navalny. The politician accompanied his tweet with several hashtags, one of which sounds like “Free Navalnya”, which can be translated as “Free Navalnya”.

In his comments on Facebook, the head of Roscosmos noted that earlier in the West they called us “a gas station country”, and now they want to christen them after their “idol and agent”. “I’ll tell you, Michael, as an ambassador to the ambassador: you, the Americans, have completely lost their hearts,” concluded Rogozin.

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McFaul has repeatedly criticized the existing system in Russia. So, on the day of mass protests, he tweeted sarcastically: “If Putin is so popular, why did he arrest so many people today?”

The Voice of Mordor telegram channel answered this question better than anyone else: “If Biden is so popular, then why the common people were not allowed to the inauguration and she passed on the bayonets of thousands of National Guardsmen?”

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