Jan 23, 2021
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Film “Dear Comrades!” Andrey Konchalovsky received the Golden Eagle Film Award

01:44, 23.01.2021

The film was awarded in the nomination “Best Director’s Work”.

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The 19th solemn ceremony of presenting the Golden Eagle national cinematographic prize took place in Moscow yesterday. Andrei Konchalovsky’s film Dear Comrades! Was announced among the nominees for the Best Director’s Work. The drama is based on real events, tells about the shooting of a peaceful demonstration in Novocherkassk in 1962, information about which was classified during the Soviet era. Filming took place at the scene, in the Rostov region, as well as in the pavilion in Luzhniki. As a result, the jury appreciated Konchalovsky’s work and awarded him a statuette. True, Andrei Sergeyevich could not attend the ceremony, so his son Peter received the award for him.

“We bring to your attention a photo from the awards ceremony of the Golden Eagle film awards. The prize in the nomination “Best Director’s Work” was awarded to Andrey Konchalovsky for the film “Dear Comrades!” The director himself was not present at the ceremony, the award was received at his request by his son, Pyotr Mikhalkov, ”said Konchalovsky’s microblog on Instagram (the author’s spelling and punctuation are hereinafter given without changes. Prim. line.).

Film “Dear Comrades!” Andrey Konchalovsky received the Golden Eagle Film Award

Premiere of Andrey Konchalovsky’s film “Dear Comrades!” took place in the fall of 2020. During this time, the film received a special prize at the Venice Film Festival, as well as the Silver Hugo Prize for Best Director at the 56th International Film Festival in Chicago. Last November, it became known that Konchalovsky’s film will represent Russia at the next Academy Awards. This time, the film will compete for the main cinematic award in the nomination “Best Foreign Language Film”.

Note that rthe main role in the film “Dear Comrades!” played by the wife of Konchalovsky Julia Vysotskaya. She got the role of a party worker and a convinced front-line communist Lyudmila. For the actress, in her own words, this was one of the most difficult transformations in her life. Andrei Sergeevich, in turn, admitted that on his decision to shoot the film Dear Comrades! it was the image of Vysotskaya that influenced. The idea arose when the director saw his wife in the Greek tragedy of Sophocles as Antigone.

Andrei Konchalovsky at the Venice Film Festival

By the way, Andrei Sergeevich often removes his wife in his films and performances. In early October 2020, he admitted that Julia is one of the actresses to whom he does not have to explain the intricacies of working on the set. The couple have been living together for over 20 years. The director and actress are raising two children – a daughter Mary and son Petra

Note that Maria has been in serious condition for six years after an accident in France, in which the whole family of Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya got into. In 2013, a car driven by a director had an accident. The doctors were able to save Maria, but she fell into a coma. It is known that Konchalovsky and Vysotskaya repeatedly transported their daughter from one clinic to another, but the treatment did not work. As a child, Masha took part in the filming more than once. She can be seen in her father’s paintings “Gloss”, as well as in the film “Moscow, I love you”.

Julia Vysotskaya and Andrei Konchalovsky

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